With the home game on Saturday against the SC Paderborn begins for the Hamburger SV the catch-up hunt in the rise battle. The problem: In April, the Hanseaten has never won a second ligament game.

Currile failure series, serious problem: never in three years second-rate, the Hamburg SV has won a game in April. And now the hanseates have to start again this month with the victory again to get to the rise places.

HSV Diagnosis for New Nurse Practitioners

Because only eight games remain the former Bundesliga Dino to raise nine points on the ranks one and two. There are three points in the home games both on Saturday (13:30 / Sky) against the SC Paderborn as well as on April 5 (18:00 clock / Sky) in the catch-up game against Erzgebirge Aue absolute duty.

At the table, one endeavors to be influenced by this athletic impeach past. “It does not help if you read the daily or puts your head in the head and therefore may be missing a few percent. I think everyone is well advised to free yourself of it,” said HSV midfielder Sonny coat in the “Sky” interview.

And if you believe HSV home games director Michael Mutzel, there is confidence in the professionals in the cabin: “Anyway, no one is inhibited. I feel that the guys are looking forward to the phase that comes now.”

In fact, one thinks of the black and white-blue April curse once, could even go something in terms of Bundesliga return. The right blueprint for that provide guests from Ostwestfalen. Three years ago, the SCP lay after 26 out of 34 – even as a table-sifted – also nine points back, but still grabbed the direct increase.

If the North Germans can follow this example, the league will change for the traditional club, but the name of the home does not. The Volksparkstadion remains the Volksparkstadion, Investor Klaus-Michael Kühne acquired the name rights on Thursday until June 30, 2023. Maybe an additional motivation for the kicking staff.