No matter if you want to buy a brilliant OLED / Qled TV from LG, Philips Odder Samsung, a top notebook of Asus, an outstanding gaming monitor of Lenovo or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, in the giant check in the context of the Saturn Super Sale there is Technical highlights at unbeatable good prices. For example, you get a noble Philips OLED TV with Ambilight with 1,000 Euro discount, a SanDisk SSD can order almost half a price or thanks to direct deduction an Asus ZenBook cheaper than ever before. We introduce the Saturn Super Sale and show the best deals.

What does the Saturn SAUR SAVE offer?

Saturn blows to giant surveys, because the spring and thus many new (still expensive) technology products come on the market. But TV, notebooks, smartphones or gaming articles from 2021 are not yet part of the old iron, but now you can now buy spotting prices. The Saturn Super SALE combines several discounts with direct removals up to 300 euros on even strongly reduced prices. There are fantastic bargains. The Saturn Super Sale runs until 12.04., 8 pm. Of course, all offers apply only as long as stocks last.

Discounts in Saturn Super Sale

In product categories such as TVs, PCS / notebooks, household appliances or vacuum cleaners can be saved in Saturn Super Sale hundreds of euros.

  • Up to 300 euros direct departure on TV from 599 euros
  • Up to 300 euros direct departure on PCs / notebooks from 599 euros
  • 50 Euro direct departure on household instruments
  • Half award on selected built-in appliances
  • 50 Euro direct departure on vacuum cleaner
  • 50 Euro Dirktabzgug on coffee machines from 399 euros

Which are the highlights of the Saturn Super Sale

We have made ourselves in the numerous special offers on the search for particularly attractive bargain opportunities – and were quickly found. For example, there is the LG OLED TV 48A19LA with 48 inch screen diagonals cheaper than ever before to buy. Even the Asus Zenbook Duo 14 has never been cheaper somewhere. This also applies to the excellent Lenovo Legion Gaming Monitor with 27 inches and WQHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). Important: At the prices we have already priced a direct deduction. You can see the final price in the shopping cart.

Selected highlights at a glance

  • TV: LG OLED TV 48 inches for 688 euros ~~ (1.449 €) ~~
  • TV: LG OLED TV 55 inches for 949 Euro ~~ (1.799 €) ~~
  • TV: Samsung QLED TV 55 inches for 599 Euro ~~ (999 €) ~~
  • TV: Philips OLED TV 55 inch Ambilight for 1,299 Euro ~~ (2,299 €) ~~
  • Notebook: Asus ZenBook Duo 14 inch 16GB RAM 512 GB SSD for 899 Euro ~~ (1.499 €) ~~
  • Gaming mouse: Roccat Kone Aimo for 39 euros ~~ (59.99 €) ~~
  • Gaming Monitor: Lenovo Legion 27 inch WQHD 165 Hz for 379 Euro ~~ (485.99 €) ~~
  • SSD: SanDisk 1TB 2.5 “internally for 74.99 euros ~~ (144,99 €) ~~
  • Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy A52 5G 128GB 329 Euro ~~ (379 €) ~~
  • SmartWatch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for 255 Euro ~~ (369 €) ~~

The Asus Zenbook 14 has never been cheaper before than Saturn now. Source: Saturn

What distinguishes the Asus ZenBook 14?

The Asus ZenBook 14 is a top notebook from 2021, which now gives it cheaper in Saturn Super Sale. A highlight of the Asus notebook is the reflection army14 inch IPS display with Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080). With up to 400 NITS brightness, the screen offers an excellent contrast for crisp images even with moderate lighting conditions. AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD provide an excellent working speed. And the SLIM design of the Asus-laptop is not just an eye-catcher, but also allows an extremely light weight of 1.22 kg – “towboard” was yesterday!

Asus ZenBook 14 cheap as never at Saturn

When do you ever get a top TV like the Samsung QLED 55 inch for less than 600 euros? Source: Saturn

OLED / QLED: Top TV technology for brilliant pictures and perfect black

OLED and QLED are two top TV technologies that are clearly visible from LCD / LED televisions. OLED is based on millions of self-luminous pixels and stands for a brilliant picture quality with perfect black and high contrasts. The Quantum Dot Technology (QLED) ensures a larger color palette as well as more brightness **** than conventional LCD TVs. This is achieved by another layer or an additional rail of nanocrystallic points of different sizes, which lights up when the LED backlight meets on it. All of us selected TV highlights as part of the Saturn Super Sale such as the LG OLED 48A19LA or the Samsung GQ55Q60A based on OLED or QLED, thus ensure brilliant pictures – and now for brilliant prices!

LG OLED TV 48 inches cheap as never at Saturn

Samsung Qled TV 55 inch for top price at Saturn

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