Just as many of us fell, the sequel of _ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild _No will be arriving at our hands this year. This news was confirmed by Eiji Aonuma , producer of this franchise, through a new video published on the official channel of Nintendo .

That’s right, BREATH OF THE WILD 2 Now it will be debuting until the spring of 2023, when it was previously estimated that its launch would take place this year.

Why is this sudden delay? Aonuma explains it in the video, but in case you could not see it, here we transcribe the words of it:

“The adventure of this sequel will develop not only on the floor as in the previous game, but also in the heavens. However, the expanded world goes beyond this, and there will be even a wide variety of functions that can enjoy.

To make this game something truly special, the development team is working hard in this experience, so please wait a little more. “

Breath of the Wild 2 Delayed to 2023
Previously, this date had already been confirmed half-confirmed during a report with all the releases of Nintendo , where it was mentioned that the sequel of botw , as well as Bayonetta 3 , would be debuting until 2023.

Editor’s Note: Considering that this 2022 was already full of exclusive switch releases, it was to be expected that Nintendo was to delay one of his strongest letters until next year. The truth is that I have no problems with which they take all the time they require.