Sebastian Vettel has to do it slowly. On the way back to the Formula 1 car, the 34-year-old gradually shakes the consequences of the corona infection, which had forced him for the break at the first two season races. It now goes well enough for easy training, can be heard. Much time does not remain the Hesse. Already in a few days the journey should go to Australia, the crisis asston-Martin team pushes the comeback of the four-time world champion urgently.

For inactivity, Vettel had to look at Vettel from his quarantine, such as Chanceless the British Rennstall in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia afterwards. “Of course we are disappointed,” Team boss admitted Mike Krack. Without points, the team came back to the station in the racing factory in Silverst1. Only Williams is currently suspended similar to Aston Martin.

From afar, Vettel had tried to make anxiety aid by video clause. “In constant contact” he had been with the engineers, said Boss Krack. “He made all the sessions and was advised to us with advice,” let the Luxembourg know. And although Vettel “pretty much taken” was from the disease to Covid-19.

His recovery should hardly have been conducive to Aston Martin. It threatens another frustration year without prospect of victories. Vettel wanted to use the regular reform with completely new cars to attack the top with the British work team.

Hülkenberg again TV expert

Frustrating First Race For Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin - F1 2021 Bahrain GP Team Radio

Nothelfer Nico Hülkenberg had fun at his unhoped use as Vettel representative, but could not make any wonders in the inferior car. Since the Rheinlander is not difficult to make room again for his compatriot. “For me it was a little short break. I’m completely finely to return to my quasi old life,” said the 34-year-old. Formula 1 he will now accompany as a TV expert.

Vettel has a simulator in Switzerland

Also Vettel’s contract ends after this season. While his former employer Ferrari is back at the top of Formula 1, Vettel’s mission at Aston Martin does not come in the second year. After all, he helps him these days that his employer has delivered him a Formula 1 simulator to the Swiss adopt home before the start of the season. So Vettel does not have to travel to the team headquarters in England to prepare for the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

The racing simulator is equipped with Vettel’s race seat, headrest and seat straps from the previous year. Three monitors in front of the cockpit should provide for the most realistic racing experience as possible. The teachings from the rounds on the track but can not replace this fully. Vettel are missing the first two seasonal runs to secrete his impressions of the test drives and to propose changes to the engineers.

“We will work hard to improve our car for Australia,” said team boss Krack. The 50-year-old has taken the post only a few weeks ago and imagined the debut probably very differently. Many years ago, Crack was Vettel’s racing engineer when his career started in Formula 1 just started. Now both have to hope that your reunion will not become the bitter final point.