To get wood in Core Keeper, you will need to find the roots instead of ordinary trees that are often found in most survival games. You can find the roots growing in most biomes, so just take Kirk and start exploring.

Sooner or later, in the end you will find the roots, you will achieve several wood resources. Then you can turn freshly placed wood in Tools , Weapons , Armor And also Craft Stations . The manufacture of wooden construction parts is also an option, but the tree is usually rarely found at the beginning of the game in Core Keeper.

Because of this, you need to focus on starting the root farm as soon as possible. To make a root farm, you need to collect a few things.

First, collect a few roots seeds, collecting roots in various biomes. After receiving the root seeds, you will need to create Lake and copper hoe .

Core Keeper | EASY Farming Guide!
You can do both, creating Vistak and placing it with eight firewood. After that, discover the workbench, and you can make a watering can and copper hoom using copper bars.

All you will need six copper bars and four trees for the manufacture of both items. For copper hoes, you will need two copper ingots and four trees, and for watering can – four copper bars .

You can get the needed copper you need, mining the ore from the cooper’s ore walls that you can find in the initial biome. As soon as you accomplise ore, overheat it in the oven, and you will have everything you need to start the root farm.

How to make a root farm in Core Keeper

To make a root farm, start with the creation of a straight line with a copper hoe. The line you want to do should look like our in the image below.

Have enough space on both sides of your line in the mud, so that there is enough space to spread the roots and growing wood. The more places you have, the more wood you can collect after the roots stop growing.

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