To defeat a heavy opponent in Elden Ring, triggers happiness for many players and players. A victory can also end up bittersweet as a funny video of a player shows.

Elden Ring: Players share Romeo and Juliet moment

Reddit user no_zucchini6588 shares an Elden ring clip that could come from a fantasy drama just as well – and the player loves it. The video shows the bitter fight between him and another player. Own information after this fight lasted at the time of the clip already five minutes until something incredible happens: he puts his adversary the grace impact and thus wins the battle.

But the same thing happens to him. The sword of the opponent is just as low in the body of his character, as both fall to the ground. But see themselves:

Community loves the drama

The RedDit clip has now been rewarded with over 17,000 upvotes . And even in the comments elden ring fans celebrate the almost poetic scene.

Nobufufenix types, for example, “Sometimes, not only do you attack our worlds, but also our hearts.” _ Above all, the little bowing gesture that the intruder acts at the beginning, it seems to have done the reddit users. So politely is not every intruder!

_Whas is exactly elden ring and whether the role-playing game could be something for you, we explain to you by the way in this video: _

How does it come to a duel between players?

Actually, Elden Ring is a game for single player. With a connection to the internet and certain objects, however, you can penetrate the worlds of other players ** – or be attacked themselves.

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