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Quirky starting position for the HSV

With the home game on Saturday against the SC Paderborn begins for the Hamburger SV the catch-up hunt in the rise battle. The problem: In April, the Hanseaten has never won a second ligament game.

Currile failure series, serious problem: never in three years second-rate, the Hamburg SV has won a game in April. And now the hanseates have to start again this month with the victory again to get to the rise places.

HSV Diagnosis for New Nurse Practitioners

Because only eight games remain the former Bundesliga Dino to raise nine points on the ranks one and two. There are three points in the home games both on Saturday (13:30 / Sky) against the SC Paderborn as well as on April 5 (18:00 clock / Sky) in the catch-up game against Erzgebirge Aue absolute duty.

At the table, one endeavors to be influenced by this athletic impeach past. “It does not help if you read the daily or puts your head in the head and therefore may be missing a few percent. I think everyone is well advised to free yourself of it,” said HSV midfielder Sonny coat in the “Sky” interview.

And if you believe HSV home games director Michael Mutzel, there is confidence in the professionals in the cabin: “Anyway, no one is inhibited. I feel that the guys are looking forward to the phase that comes now.”

In fact, one thinks of the black and white-blue April curse once, could even go something in terms of Bundesliga return. The right blueprint for that provide guests from Ostwestfalen. Three years ago, the SCP lay after 26 out of 34 – even as a table-sifted – also nine points back, but still grabbed the direct increase.

If the North Germans can follow this example, the league will change for the traditional club, but the name of the home does not. The Volksparkstadion remains the Volksparkstadion, Investor Klaus-Michael Kühne acquired the name rights on Thursday until June 30, 2023. Maybe an additional motivation for the kicking staff.

World Cup 2022: Losfee Matthew wishes Germany Strong preliminary opponents

Record National Player Lothar Matthäus sees advantages for the further course of the World Cup for the German national team in a possible strong preliminary party.

“If you wins the game – that was similar to Yugoslavia in 1990 – then you’re right in rhythm,” said Matthew in Doha the “German Press Agency”. The 61-year-old is at the draw for the Qatar finals (21st November to 18 December) on April 1 Friday in the capital of the Emirate of one of eight former players and coaches that pull off balls.

At the 1990 World Cup, the DFB selection with Captain Matthew had beaten the then Yugoslavia in the German starting game with 4: 1. “Self-confidence grows, the opponent sees what’s going on. You also get a bit of rest from the outside,” said Matthew. “Against simple opponents for kick-off you can often lose only.” On July 8, 1990 Germany had become a 1-0 against Argentina world champion.

Matthew: “Hansi Flick takes it the way it comes”

FIFA World Cup 2022 Germany SQUAD | Germany Potential Squad |Qatar World Cup2022 | Germany Football

The current DFB team of national coach Hansi Flick threatens a heavy opponent. Germany will only be sorted in two sauce and could meet one of the top nations such as Brazil, Spain or France right at the beginning. “I think Hansi Flick takes it as it comes,” said Matthew. “Hansi knows, it’s not a wish concert, and if you want to achieve the goal, what manuel new has spent yes, you should also get started against very strong opponents.”

At the FIFA Congress today are no groundbreaking decisions on the agenda. Representatives from Ukraine are not expected to personally on site, it was called FIFA circles. Workers from Russia, on the other hand. FIFA President Gianni Infantino is likely to address the war in his opening speech.

Asus Zenbook, OLED TV, Samsung Galaxy and much more. For Superpreisen in the Giant Sale at Saturn

No matter if you want to buy a brilliant OLED / Qled TV from LG, Philips Odder Samsung, a top notebook of Asus, an outstanding gaming monitor of Lenovo or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, in the giant check in the context of the Saturn Super Sale there is Technical highlights at unbeatable good prices. For example, you get a noble Philips OLED TV with Ambilight with 1,000 Euro discount, a SanDisk SSD can order almost half a price or thanks to direct deduction an Asus ZenBook cheaper than ever before. We introduce the Saturn Super Sale and show the best deals.

What does the Saturn SAUR SAVE offer?

Saturn blows to giant surveys, because the spring and thus many new (still expensive) technology products come on the market. But TV, notebooks, smartphones or gaming articles from 2021 are not yet part of the old iron, but now you can now buy spotting prices. The Saturn Super SALE combines several discounts with direct removals up to 300 euros on even strongly reduced prices. There are fantastic bargains. The Saturn Super Sale runs until 12.04., 8 pm. Of course, all offers apply only as long as stocks last.

Discounts in Saturn Super Sale

In product categories such as TVs, PCS / notebooks, household appliances or vacuum cleaners can be saved in Saturn Super Sale hundreds of euros.

  • Up to 300 euros direct departure on TV from 599 euros
  • Up to 300 euros direct departure on PCs / notebooks from 599 euros
  • 50 Euro direct departure on household instruments
  • Half award on selected built-in appliances
  • 50 Euro direct departure on vacuum cleaner
  • 50 Euro Dirktabzgug on coffee machines from 399 euros

Which are the highlights of the Saturn Super Sale

We have made ourselves in the numerous special offers on the search for particularly attractive bargain opportunities – and were quickly found. For example, there is the LG OLED TV 48A19LA with 48 inch screen diagonals cheaper than ever before to buy. Even the Asus Zenbook Duo 14 has never been cheaper somewhere. This also applies to the excellent Lenovo Legion Gaming Monitor with 27 inches and WQHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). Important: At the prices we have already priced a direct deduction. You can see the final price in the shopping cart.

Selected highlights at a glance

  • TV: LG OLED TV 48 inches for 688 euros ~~ (1.449 €) ~~
  • TV: LG OLED TV 55 inches for 949 Euro ~~ (1.799 €) ~~
  • TV: Samsung QLED TV 55 inches for 599 Euro ~~ (999 €) ~~
  • TV: Philips OLED TV 55 inch Ambilight for 1,299 Euro ~~ (2,299 €) ~~
  • Notebook: Asus ZenBook Duo 14 inch 16GB RAM 512 GB SSD for 899 Euro ~~ (1.499 €) ~~
  • Gaming mouse: Roccat Kone Aimo for 39 euros ~~ (59.99 €) ~~
  • Gaming Monitor: Lenovo Legion 27 inch WQHD 165 Hz for 379 Euro ~~ (485.99 €) ~~
  • SSD: SanDisk 1TB 2.5 “internally for 74.99 euros ~~ (144,99 €) ~~
  • Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy A52 5G 128GB 329 Euro ~~ (379 €) ~~
  • SmartWatch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for 255 Euro ~~ (369 €) ~~

The Asus Zenbook 14 has never been cheaper before than Saturn now. Source: Saturn

What distinguishes the Asus ZenBook 14?

The Asus ZenBook 14 is a top notebook from 2021, which now gives it cheaper in Saturn Super Sale. A highlight of the Asus notebook is the reflection army14 inch IPS display with Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080). With up to 400 NITS brightness, the screen offers an excellent contrast for crisp images even with moderate lighting conditions. AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD provide an excellent working speed. And the SLIM design of the Asus-laptop is not just an eye-catcher, but also allows an extremely light weight of 1.22 kg – “towboard” was yesterday!

Asus ZenBook 14 cheap as never at Saturn

When do you ever get a top TV like the Samsung QLED 55 inch for less than 600 euros? Source: Saturn

OLED / QLED: Top TV technology for brilliant pictures and perfect black

OLED and QLED are two top TV technologies that are clearly visible from LCD / LED televisions. OLED is based on millions of self-luminous pixels and stands for a brilliant picture quality with perfect black and high contrasts. The Quantum Dot Technology (QLED) ensures a larger color palette as well as more brightness **** than conventional LCD TVs. This is achieved by another layer or an additional rail of nanocrystallic points of different sizes, which lights up when the LED backlight meets on it. All of us selected TV highlights as part of the Saturn Super Sale such as the LG OLED 48A19LA or the Samsung GQ55Q60A based on OLED or QLED, thus ensure brilliant pictures – and now for brilliant prices!

LG OLED TV 48 inches cheap as never at Saturn

Samsung Qled TV 55 inch for top price at Saturn

Even voorstellen: nieuwe OLED-laptops van ASUS [adv]
There are regular top offers with greatly reduced prices for all, the TV, notebook, monitor, mouse, keyboard, mainboard, SSD, graphics card, gaming chair, headphones, smartphone, tablet, game console, games or household appliances
want to buy.
Just click in!

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FIFA 22, DCE was spot points on the ground

Discover the solution for the DCE Points on the ground, a team creation challenge to be done on the mode was FIFA 22. This DECE is intended to save you a small packagers pack mixed premium by completing it.

Note that this challenge begins on Wednesday, March 30 at 19h and lasts two days, ending on Friday, April 1st at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get a Pack Jumbo Gold Premium.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Points on the ground is a unique challenge, linked to the event Fantasy was on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

  • Recommendation: Yes

  • Probable credit gain? No

Points on the ground, the criteria

  • Different nationalities: maximum 6
  • Same league: minimum 3
  • Different clubs: minimum 5

* Overall team rating: 75
* Collective: Minimum 80
* Reward: A Pack Jumbo Gold Premium
* End of the challenge: Friday, April 1st at 19h
* Price: Approx 5.9k

Our example of a solution for the DCE Points on the ground was made with the Futbin team creator.

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

They desire Will Smith back in Fortnite and yes, put to Chris Rock included

Fortnite faces these days an essential activity with the addition of a game setting that enables to take pleasure in Battle-Royale without auto mechanics of building, providing even more weight than ever before to the individual’s capacity to capitalize on arms and scenarios.

Will Smith Apologises to Chris Rock - Luke and Lewis #259
The slap of Will Smith to the humorist Chris Rock throughout the Oscar Ceremony last Sunday is giving a lot to discuss, producing analysis as well as discussion issues in different details media, yet additionally producing a viral image that has involved remain. Such is its repercussion that loads of Fortnite followers campaign in social media networks for their unification right into Battle-Royale.

From the United States growth team have adapted Battle-Royale loads of iconic characters of prominent culture, from superheroes and also comics villains to huge cinematographic franchises going through our sector. Now, a few days ago we collected in 3D games all their crossover with videogames.

They make it by reminding the Skin released in the Legendary Games computer game last August, when the detective Mike Lowrey (Negative Boys, two rebel police officers in Spain), played by the star of Philly, arrived at the island of Fortnite Naturally, players request a little addition to the personality of him: to put slap as a motion, hence enabling to experience again the questionable moment in Fortnite.

We are not really sure if Impressive Games will make note of the petition and also leave the Survivors of Fortnite getting guantazos in a match, but there is left.

Champions League: Corona

Despite decimated squads, FC Bayern’s footballers are confident in the Champions League second leg at Paris Saint-Germain.

In width, the team is thinner through seven Corona failures, but not worse in quality, National Player Giulia Gwinn featured the quarter-final duel with the French master on Wednesday (21:00 pm / Dazn). “Just something else can release other energies again. Not only does it play for yourself, but for all at home.”

The first leg had the Münchnerinnen at their first appearance in the Allianz Arena at all with 1: 2 lost. “We have to defend the standards better,” asked Gwinn. Both goals had fallen to corners. “It’s all about it’s about limits. Everyone will be demanded everything.”

Real Madrid vs. PSG: Extended Highlights | UCL Round of 16 - Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

In defender Maximiliane Rall, the German master reported the seventh Corona case in the team on Tuesday. “Thin ice cream, very thin,” coach Jens Scheuer described the staff situation. “It’s a disaster that, of course, degree in the crucial weeks the virus is so cheering.” Nevertheless, all “damn hot” are.

Does the FC Bayern again manage the Champions League semi-final?

Bayern women want to move into the semi-finals of the royal class against the French women around DFB playmaker and ex-Münchner Sara Däbritz.

Last year, the final part of the FC Chelsea was concluded. In one progress, the winner would wait from the game Olympique Lyon against Juventus Turin.

Next to Munich, the VfL Wolfsburg is also represented in the Champions League and receives Arsenal WFC on this Thursday (18.45 pm / Dazn). The first leg was 1: 1.

BOTW 2 is delayed until 2023, confirms Nintendo

Just as many of us fell, the sequel of _ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild _No will be arriving at our hands this year. This news was confirmed by Eiji Aonuma , producer of this franchise, through a new video published on the official channel of Nintendo .

That’s right, BREATH OF THE WILD 2 Now it will be debuting until the spring of 2023, when it was previously estimated that its launch would take place this year.

Why is this sudden delay? Aonuma explains it in the video, but in case you could not see it, here we transcribe the words of it:

“The adventure of this sequel will develop not only on the floor as in the previous game, but also in the heavens. However, the expanded world goes beyond this, and there will be even a wide variety of functions that can enjoy.

To make this game something truly special, the development team is working hard in this experience, so please wait a little more. “

Breath of the Wild 2 Delayed to 2023
Previously, this date had already been confirmed half-confirmed during a report with all the releases of Nintendo , where it was mentioned that the sequel of botw , as well as Bayonetta 3 , would be debuting until 2023.

Editor’s Note: Considering that this 2022 was already full of exclusive switch releases, it was to be expected that Nintendo was to delay one of his strongest letters until next year. The truth is that I have no problems with which they take all the time they require.

Diablo Immortal: Pre-registration for iPhone

The revelation of “Diablo Immortal” in the context of the BlizzCon 2018 was a credential. Zocker had hoped for “Diablo 4” and tore the smartphone offshoot in the air. Since then, the waves have smoothed and after a very promising closed beta phase, the interest in the game is now quite large. The problem: Developer Blizzard does not come in the footers. Around three and a half years after announcement, the title is still not available. The manufacturer so far refers only to a launch in the year 2022. Now a release seems to be in vicatch.

Since the end of the test phases limited to Android smartphones, Gamers can register in the Google Play Store for the title in advance. On the other hand, iPhone users have been sitting on the dry. That changes now! From now on, Blizzard starts an official “pre-ordering action” in the Apple App Store. In fact, you can not order there, however. Just as in the case of Google Play Stores just register for the download of the free-to-play titles in its basic version free-to-play titles. Once the game is available, get a message and the app automatically ends on your phone.

Release appointment still unknown

When it is so far, it is still in the stars. According to media reports, the App Store temporarily found June 30, 2022 as a start date. Blizzard but now confirmed that it has only traded about a placeholder. And yet: a pre-registration could be worthwhile. According to Blizzard, all previously registered users receive the “Horadrim” accessory set – but only if a total of at least 30 million gamers for the adventure will sign up in advance. If this succeeds, you must complete the tutorial of “Diablo Immortal” within 30 days of release of the game to actually get the set.

Diablo Immortal Update News & Pre Register Open

To celebrate the registration start in the App Store, Blizzard has published a fresh trailer for the game. This shows the Horadrim set in different character classes in use. The video can be found above this message.

Genosis of Vettel threatens a frustration year with Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel has to do it slowly. On the way back to the Formula 1 car, the 34-year-old gradually shakes the consequences of the corona infection, which had forced him for the break at the first two season races. It now goes well enough for easy training, can be heard. Much time does not remain the Hesse. Already in a few days the journey should go to Australia, the crisis asston-Martin team pushes the comeback of the four-time world champion urgently.

For inactivity, Vettel had to look at Vettel from his quarantine, such as Chanceless the British Rennstall in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia afterwards. “Of course we are disappointed,” Team boss admitted Mike Krack. Without points, the team came back to the station in the racing factory in Silverst1. Only Williams is currently suspended similar to Aston Martin.

From afar, Vettel had tried to make anxiety aid by video clause. “In constant contact” he had been with the engineers, said Boss Krack. “He made all the sessions and was advised to us with advice,” let the Luxembourg know. And although Vettel “pretty much taken” was from the disease to Covid-19.

His recovery should hardly have been conducive to Aston Martin. It threatens another frustration year without prospect of victories. Vettel wanted to use the regular reform with completely new cars to attack the top with the British work team.

Hülkenberg again TV expert

Frustrating First Race For Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin - F1 2021 Bahrain GP Team Radio

Nothelfer Nico Hülkenberg had fun at his unhoped use as Vettel representative, but could not make any wonders in the inferior car. Since the Rheinlander is not difficult to make room again for his compatriot. “For me it was a little short break. I’m completely finely to return to my quasi old life,” said the 34-year-old. Formula 1 he will now accompany as a TV expert.

Vettel has a simulator in Switzerland

Also Vettel’s contract ends after this season. While his former employer Ferrari is back at the top of Formula 1, Vettel’s mission at Aston Martin does not come in the second year. After all, he helps him these days that his employer has delivered him a Formula 1 simulator to the Swiss adopt home before the start of the season. So Vettel does not have to travel to the team headquarters in England to prepare for the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

The racing simulator is equipped with Vettel’s race seat, headrest and seat straps from the previous year. Three monitors in front of the cockpit should provide for the most realistic racing experience as possible. The teachings from the rounds on the track but can not replace this fully. Vettel are missing the first two seasonal runs to secrete his impressions of the test drives and to propose changes to the engineers.

“We will work hard to improve our car for Australia,” said team boss Krack. The 50-year-old has taken the post only a few weeks ago and imagined the debut probably very differently. Many years ago, Crack was Vettel’s racing engineer when his career started in Formula 1 just started. Now both have to hope that your reunion will not become the bitter final point.

Diablo Immortal: Release Rumor Deferred

It’s something, at Diablo Immortal! On the official website of the Mobile MMOS, the Blizzard Responsible have started the pre-order phase for iOS devices. For Android smartphones you can register “only”. And why should you do that? Well, because there is something for free, if enough players follow the call.

Pre-order ## Diablo Immortal

Let’s first clarify what Blizzard wants from you: iOS users can pre-order Diablo Immortal from now on the App Store. Do not worry, you have nothing to pay. Diablo Immortal relies on a Free2Play model. The pre-order is more of a pre-registration. You signals with this quasi your interest in the game. Accordingly, few differences expect users from Android devices, even if that reads at Blizzard. Here, the process does not stop pre-order, but by appointment, and that runs through this website or the Google Play Store.

Horadrim set for Lau

Now back to the question from the introduction: Why should you do that? Well, Blizzard wants to give all players from Diablo Immortal the Horadrim Accessoireset (see trailer above) when a total of 30 million pre-orders or previous registrations come together. Accessoiresets are cosmetic skins, similar to WOW transmog templates. You can wear them over your actual equipment, in the best case visually even more heartfelt.

Diablo Immortal Release Date Information

Release on June 30 2022?

Caution : To be able to carry this set in the fight, you must complete the tutorial of Diablo Immortal within 30 days of the publication of the game. Now only the question remains when Diablo should appear immortal. Partly, you can find information that the 30th of June 2022 is the expected launch day. However, according to Rod Fergusson, it is a placeholder.

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