When I watched Felix, XQC ‘Lengyel, as someone else used a dog, and heard how he described the process very detailed, I became one and only one thing clearly: I am no longer the target group of Twitch. I am by no means a boomer – at least not – but I struggle to understand how and why people find the reaction meta so entertaining.

React Streamers have gone too far...
For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about, the React Meta is the “new” thing of Twitch, and how you can imagine, pretty much all the biggest streamer are there anywhere. Instead of playing games or talking to their community, Streamer On-Demand videos look at – from high-optic to banal – and then talk about it.

It’s a bit like Gogglebox in the United Kingdom – you know the show, in families on long-running series, which react to news and bizarre dating shows like Naked Attraction – only that it is much, much worse. Although I know that React Meta is not a new concept – after all, it is essentially what Justin.tv was founded – makes it much to be much to be desired.

This is because more and more streamers have removed from large programs such as Master Chef, The Simpsons and Avatar: The Last Airbender to distance themselves from possible DMCA claims. Instead, they look at inferior youtube videos that could even put the sleepless sleepless into a slumber.

I’m not joking. After leaving a whole series of streams yesterday to find something to see, I saw how different personalities watched, like someone’s eggs opened to prepare roasted egg rice, watching videos for bus running or switched on the streams of other people. In all these examples, the streamer in question offered nothing else. There was no real commentary, no analysis or even – ironically – a reaction.

If Streamer bend on this low base, they should expect at least one reaction. I do not expect the streamer losing the mind because of a landscape of a volcano or expertly prepared court, but it is lazy not to offer anything that goes beyond what’s on the screen.

It is also not a generally controversial view – several content creators are under shelling in recent days because of the way they deal with reaction content. “Ghost Gum” actually called Sebastian “Foresen” fores that they have regarded their 12-minute video about the failure of Reddit Island in its entirety. The Swede spoke only a few words at this time – but rarely expressed itself for the actual video itself.

In these cases – and believe me, of which there are plenty of content – becoming content curators who have aimless of a YouTube video to the next. If I wanted to suck in a brainless hole, I would climb back to bed and Tiktok Doomscrollen.

When I turn on to see how to “react to something, I would expect to see a reaction. The whole sense of this damn meta is to transform content, but I just do not see it from the great majority of people. And yes, the meta works – the statistics behind some of the streams make it clear – but it has to be done even more so that the time of viewers actually pay.

I want to clarify that I do not like the meta, but not with, Darkviperau’s comparisons infamous 14-sided tirade about reaction streamers. I do not think they are “angry” – I just think we have reached the limits within the parameters of Twitch’s limits, which is actually entertaining.

If it would actually succeed the overlords on the purple platform to negotiate a deal that enabled streamers to deal with films and television broadcasts in full length – or at least parts of it under fair use – without threat of legal action, would be in my opinion The reaction meta is doing it all the better. At least the material would then be more appealing than the TKTOK compilations and guidance videos that you are currently “reacting”.

Although I admit that the reaction meta is good for some streamer – especially for the gems that give their best in a supersaturated market – but it just does not have fun to see it. Until things change and find a new meta, I will stay away from Twitch.