Nowadays, we have several video game studies looking to get into the space of the NFTS, and some like Konami Yubisoft already started doing it. Normally, this practice is badly seen among consumers, thus becoming the “new microtransractions”. That’s why Ghost Town Games, responsible for the acclaimed overcoooked , have never promised to incorporate NFTs into any of your games.

Through a new shared image in your social networks, developers of overcoooked assured the following:

“Here at Ghost Town Games we want to assure you that overcoooked (and all our future games) will never use the NFTS.


We do not support the NFTS. We believe that they charge with a strong environmental and social weight.

We also want to ask them to be friendly when they make public their opinions with the sympathetic neighborhood of Community Managers. “

So how can you see, Ghost Town Games does not intend to enter this from the NFTS, so you can stay calm before the future projects of the study. We will see if more companies begin to express this same opinion in the future.

Editor’s note: I think a point will come where the great developers must completely abandon the idea of ​​the NFTS. We have already seen that, at least in the gaming, this idea has not been very well received to say and will be a matter of time before it is in total oblivion.