‘Ea’s 6 Online’ is a mobile MMORPG, which acquires official licenses from Lionel Fox, Is collection developer. The individual will adhere to the footprints of the original, not the new task of the original, yet the new work, which is not a new job that he selected. The user can select one of warriors, legislation, assassins, and 4 tasks at the time of the very first time, and also you can choose among both previous executives by the journey, picking one of the two executives by each occupation.

Battle progresses in genuine time, as well as makes use of evasion and jumping, and avoiding the opponent pattern. Furthermore, MMORPG’s components such as the guild system and party play dungeon were added to the globe view of the original world. This CBT will proceed from January 10 to 16 to iOS/ Android individuals, as well as the IS 6 online CBT and also game-related details can be checked via the official coffee shop.

It is a raw image that is not a modification.

Video game name: Ice 6 Online

Programmer: Hoopla

Classification: Action RPG

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Platform: Mobile

CBT period: January 10, 2022 ~ January 16