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How did you wake up on January 1st? With a sore head, hangover or a new energy full of hope? Nothing says New Year as the resolutions to eat less shit, to be scammed and becoming generally becoming better. Add this new shiny switch that Santa Claus brought, and you have a fitness and training partner.

Many people think that the switch is right for Zelda, Mario Kart, Metro id and Animal Crossing. These are all excellent games, but the switch is not left behind when it comes to fitness applications. Dance, boxing, cardio, there is something for all tastes.

Released in 2019, Ring Fit Adventure aims to make you forget that you play sports. Focusing its cardiovascular exercises in an RPG format, Ring Fit Adventure uses the Rincón to also challenge your muscles with resistance and strength training. The Rincón is a quality device, and Ring Fit Adventure does a good job to balance the RPG elements and fitness goals. There are much evidence that Ring Fit Adventure really works as part of a fitness program, and it’s really fun.

When it comes to excellent boxing workouts, you can not beat virtual reality. Knockout Home Fitness is an excellent alternative. Although its graphics are basic, Knockout home fitness is not just about arms, but a complete body workout and a lot of cardio. Another advantage is that the workouts are short. This is great news for out of shape players who can not deal with the prospect of long workouts. On the other hand, Knockout Home Fitness will probably not help you develop an excellent shape. His level of education is quite simple.

Alternatively, look at Nintendo Fitness Boxing (both the original and its suite) which is a little more hardcore. You will also find longer workouts, a wider range of coaches and more intensity. As Knockout Home Fitness, Fitness Boxing seems quite primitive (compared to most current generation games).

Dance is a great way to burn calories and have fun. The Switch has at least two excellent applications to help you make your dance steps and get in shape. The first is Zumba: Burn It Up, which offers excellent choreography, live instructors and training routines of 15 to 60 minutes. Zumba: Burn It Up actually looks like a current game and offers options for all fitness levels.

If you want a little more variety than Zumba style music and dance, see Just Dance 2022. It is well known to be feature-rich and welcoming for new dancers. It has colorful and psychedelic visuals and excellent licensed music. The disadvantage is that much of the music is only available through a subscription to Just Dance Unlimited.

Ring Fit Adventure - What Does a Professional Trainer Think About this Workout Game?

With full consciousness and meditation, yoga practice has become commonplace. Although there is probably no substitute for a live instructor, learning and yoga practice are available on the Switch with Yoga Master. Although it is not really a game in itself, Yoga Master offers many options for designing your workout, your background scene and your music. Yoga has a ton of proven advantages for mental and physical health. Yoga Master balances definitively with force-oriented training and cardio.

For the sedentary of us, any game that includes movement is a step in the right direction. There are many Switch games that are not specifically fitness products, but that can burn calories anyway.

Mario Tennis Aces allows you to incarnate Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowler or one of the other iconic characters of the Mario universe. There are nice boss fights and a story mode allows everything to bind together. And hey, you move your arms in the manner of tennis. Goal!

ARMS is a kind of boxing game, but in reality, it’s a combat game where you have ridiculously large boxing gloves attached to spring arms extensions for all kinds of crazy fighting. Colorful, fast and a decent workout from the top of the body disguised as cartoon bag.

Jump Rope Challenge is barely a game. It’s just a simple cartoon rabbit that jumps with the repetitions with you. But it’s free.

Get in shape is not a mysterious process. Simply eat nutrients with moderation and burn some calories, is not it? It’s simple, but it’s not easy, and games can help us break our resistance to exercise. Tell us which Switch workout games work for you! For incredible videos, go to our YouTube page here. Follow us on Twitter here. Our Facebook page here. Our Instagram page here. Listen to our Podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you are a fan of cosplay, discover more of our Cosplay features here.