This is a question (to you).

Aka Games has just announced the first serious combination of servers — and only two months from the premiere of the game, which means unless the situation of Lyon is not so perfect as if everyone wished.

We are currently preparing to connect servers in Europe and North America, consolidating all servers from each region in one.

Elyon Airship Daily Quests Guide

So from the three present worlds will only be one server for fun.

Europe — Andromeda
North America — Cassiopeia

~~ Server Merge is scheduled for next week, January 5 ~~. On January 5, we will not be able to create characters on combined servers, but the actual merge server is scheduled for February. Details here.

We can grieve, but such a development of events is not a surprise for anyone (anyone who regularly visits our portal). We have long followed and informed you about Lyon’s situation in South Korea, which — gently saying — she was not too joyful. Music drain of players, another connection, and the Lyon fall from the Top50 list of the most popular online games on the local market.

Lyon did not break into the hearts of America fans, and you have to accept this fact.