Metro id: Camus Returns is an action-adventure game developed by Nintendo END and MercurySteam as well as released by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. It is a remake of the 1991 Game Child game Metro id II: Return of Camus. Players control series lead character Camus Ran, a fugitive hunter who is acquired by the Galactic Federation to eradicate the parasitic Metro id species on their house world of SR388.
While the tale as well as framework parallel the initial game, Camus Returns includes redone graphics, upgraded controls and user interface, and new gameplay technicians not seen in previous 2D Metro id titles, such as a melee counterattack and the capacity to aim easily at any kind of angle. Development began in 2015, managed by longtime producer Ohio Nakamoto.
Camus Returns obtained positive evaluations upon release for its visuals as well as improvements over the initial version, with lots of likewise regarding it a recover for the series. Nakamoto was impressed with MercurySteam’s understanding of the collection, causing their proceeded partnership for Metro id Dread (2021) on the Nintendo Switch.

This year has been special for Nintendo due to the return of Camus Ran, one of the icons of the video game. The last adventure original adventure in 2D of the hunters, metro id fusion, appeared almost 20 years ago in GBA. Mercury steam brings us a fifth installment that supposes the return of the saga to a desktop console. In this Analysis of Metro id Dread We have pleasantly surprised its main characteristics.

How Metroid Fusion Creates Fear
In 1986, NEW users found in metro id a different proposal with respect to the progressive advancement of levels in video games. Although with mechanics of action and platforms, the concept consisted of the exploration of a labyrinthine map with apparent freedom to move forward. The main objective was to destroy the Metro id and save the galaxy. Thanks to the acquisition of objects that improved the Camus costume, we unlocked new ways to meet the goal. This concept was developing in different titles until it was popularized in 1997 with symphony of the night. Karachi Castlemaine along with the Saga Metro id named the subgenre known as Metroidvania.

Morbid DREAD follows the tradition of this subgenre and focuses on exploration together with the discovery of key objects. However, the action and platforms remain as present as in the previous deliveries. MercurySteam has done an excellent job in adapting the features of Metro id to the new times.

Analysis of Metro id Dread: Camus on the planet DR

The argument connects directly with metro id fusion. MercurySteam, aware of the time that has happened, puts us in context with a prologue at the beginning of the adventure. With this brief introduction we started the new Camus mission on the DR planet. The goal is to discover if the parasite X remains active, which would be a threat to the galaxy. One of the original elements introduced in this delivery are E.M.M.I. Powerful browsing robots who were sent to the planet before Camus.

The graphic section meets expectations for a switch game without large technical beads. Scenarios have great definition and on-screen enemies are large and colorful. In addition, constant shots make light effects fill the screen. On the other hand, the kinematics are well integrated and surprised by their quality. Also stand out the animations of the E.M.M.I. Remembering the movement of great cats and the arachnids.

As for the gameplay, the controls are very well implemented and Camus has a great repertoire of movements. In this installment, the mechanics of parry is retaken, introduced in metro id: Camus Returns for 3DS. It can take us some time to dominate all the mechanics of combat, but these are fluid and precise. We recommend playing with pro controller because the combinations of buttons are more agile and comfortable. And the game requires us quickly in control.

Metro id Dread, anguish in space

The setting, especially due to E.M.M.I., transmits a successful sensation of anguish. It contributes to the oppressive atmosphere, a soundtrack based on environmental melodies. In addition, being discovered by E.M.M.I. The rhythm is accelerated, getting rising tension dimensions. Finally, nostalgia is acute with recognizable sounds and melodies.

Metro id Dread is not especially difficult when we manage to dominate their mechanics. According to our ability, it will take about 10 hours to reach the end. Although if we want to get 100% the duration will be greater. It should be noted that the clashes with the final bosses suppose an increase in difficulty.

Few are the negative points we find in this game. Maybe, e.m.m.i. Have less protagonism than it seemed at first by trailer. Or the scarce use they have given to amino. But nothing really conflicting that can squander an apex experience the game experience.

Almost 20 years we have waited for a new delivery of Metro id in 2D, and it has been worth it. Mercury steam did an impeccable job with Metro id: Camus Returns and now have perfected the formula. In fact, it is the video game developed in Spain better valued in history. It’s back 30 years ago, but with today’s technology. A game that will not only enjoy the players of the old school because it overflows quality in every way. Mercury steam has developed an adventure that complies with the saga, leaving us wanting more. A totally recommended video game.