On December 10, the new ShooterGtfo started for the PC on Steam. On the first weekend, the Indie project was already attracted over 11,000 players and got very positive reviews. Mango introduces you the hardcore shooter.

What is that for a game? You are prisoner and will be sent by your jailer to an abandoned research station to search for data there. GTFO can be best compared from gameplay with known games like Left 4 Dead or Payday.

With a team of four people you move through the different levels, should get something and disappear again. Ideally, you attract as little attention to you as possible. Tactical approach is mandatory.

Opponents can quickly overrun and appear in hordes if you are not watching. Should the cautious approach go wrong, they usually entertain you at a safe position and hopes that you have more balls than opponents come.

Ammo and healing are scarce and rather sparse in the levels distributed. In contrast to the classics GTFO plays in a sci-fi setting. Your opponents are aliens, which are largely reminiscent of people. Mutated, distorted people. A special focus is on the sound-backdrop, which makes everything more scary, because the developers are still screaming for themselves.

Przegląd Indie - Project Zomboid

GTFO was created by the Swedish Indie-Studio 10 Chamber. Many members of the studio have already worked on Payday and want to inflow the spirit of the game in GTFO. In 2019, the DEVs gave us exclusive insights into their first, their own project.

So gets GTFO: On Steam, GTFO has to release weekend 11,091 players in the top (via steamcharts.com). The ratings are 88% at very positive at 22.101 votes since the Early Access 2 years ago. The recent reviews are still 82% positive.

At the moment there are GTFO only for the PC and only about Steam. A version for PlayStation and Xbox would like to do the devs, as it was already meant before 2019, but there was still the partner. Maybe that changes after a successful release.

1.0 Release brings a crowd of horny stuff

What is new to the release? With version 1.0, several changes came into play, the GTFO, especially for beginners making easier (via Steam). The most important change is the bots.

Since release, you can in doubt even solo gamble with 3 I colleagues. That’s hard, but be feasible. With only one friend and 2 bots in the team, most missions ( expeditions called) fold well.

There are also optional checkpoints. Through this, a mission is no longer lost immediately if you are committing a mistake. Instead, you will be reset to the checkpoint. If you prefer hardcore, you can deactivate the option.

For fans of the game, there are also cosmetics that you can adapt to your prisoners. By completing expeditions, your new clothes will be released.

The players say: The players are enthusiastic about GTFO. Fade ‘For example, the new shooter calls the Best Loop Game at all and Happy Christmas writes: You’ve introduced a crowd of horny stuff with the 1.0 release.

Since release, GTFO is also recommended for newcomers, but the consensus is generally that you need friends. Competent friends, how a player specifies. Criticism, especially that the difficulty does not like everyone. Errors are punished hard and not every mission will be completed successfully. Provides you to die.

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