The nominal top game rose on Saturday afternoon in Magdeburg, where the leader 1. FCM had the pursuit VFL Osnabrück. And 12,636 spectators were offered by both teams partly high-class and offered via the complete game duration varied and gripping lot. Until the final seconds, it was 1: 1, which would have been a result of a resulting result in view of the balance of power. But then there was another penalty. Although the strong VFL-Keeper Kuhn parried, at SIX then beat to the 2-1 winner (90th). While the leader resisted his position, Osnabrück stands again with empty hands at the end.

Braunschweig and Mannheim Siegen late

Exciting, it also made the other top teams. Contract Braunschweig fell into residue at Viktoria Cologne by a transformed crack penalty (3.). After the pause, Auerbach (47.) Legalized, but it took until the 86th minute, March to the threesome for the Lower Saxon lions. Walsh of Mannheim had to wait even longer for the salvation for the TSV Averse. The tail light sniffed at the score of 1: 1 at the point gain, but Routinize Chatterer shot the pork halls in the 88th minute to victory. Braunschweig (2nd) and Mannheim (3rd) defended their table positions, including the fourth 1. FC Saarbrücken considered a 1-0 (Gate: Katz, 44) against climber SC Freiburg II course.

1860 München im Chaos | 3. Liga | MAGENTA SPORT

Lower Siegen after turbulence about from Molder

Much was last at 1860 Munich: First, the heavy 2: 5 pack of own audience against the 1st FC Magdeburg, then the turbulence around that from cult attacker molder. But the lions gave the right answer on Saturday with the 2-0 victory at Borussia Dortmund II: The new captain Led (26th) as well as bear (49th) met for the victory for 1860. With the leadership of Managing Director Gunther also gain Grendel air.

No winner in the basement duel between Duisburg and Very

Air that does not have the MTV Duisburg. The zebras came in the basement duel against the SC no over a 2: 2 and have been waiting for four games in a row to a threesome. Both teams remain under the stroke through the draw, with the 17th VERY with 18 counters with one point can certainly live better than the one rank behind MTV (17 points.).