TIER REPLICA NT VERY.1.22474487139… to develop the company’s title Happy Wars, Wednesday, on Wednesday, January 12, 2002 It announced that it will be held online.

The briefing session announced by this time is for the first half of the company, and is for designer / programmers with consumer / mobile game development experience. Currently, the company is developing multiple titles including AAA class action games for Worldwide, and we are actively adopting human resources in order to promote new original game projects. On the day of the event, a detailed company description by the Representative Director and President and Take-Take, and introduction of development environment by site staff, and job descriptions, etc. will be performed online.

Toy Logic’s first Game Creator Mutual Annual Recruitment Briefing Briefing Briefing Briefing Briefing

In this briefing session for the first medium-time recruitment, this briefing session for recruitment, designer and programmers’ participants who have the game development experience of the Mobile, and We will introduce the development environment and explain the job. Since the question and answer corner and individual interview corner (※ limited number limit) are also available on the day, if you are considering changing jobs, please contact us by anyone who is interested in the game development of tile.

Holding date and time

January 12, 2022 (Wed)


Online implementation (Microsoft Teams)

Scale Development and Validation

※ Participated URL will guide you the day before the date of the event for those who have entered their participation.

Time table

19: 15 to start admission (Microsoft Teams)
19: 30-Company Description and Duties Description
20: 35-Questions and answers
20: 50-Guidance of selection
21: 00-Individual interview
Individual interviews will be implemented only for those who wish to apply at the time of application. We are planning about 15 minutes per person. If you have many applicants, please note that you may have a limited number limit or wait time.

※ Please note that the progress schedule and the end time may be back and forth.

Application qualification

Those who have the practical experience in the following the following:
Those who have similar development experience in other industry (CG video industry designer, web and IT programmers, UI designers, etc.).

Recruitment job type


Concept Artist (Character Background)
UI designer
3D motion designer
3D effect designer

Technical Artist
3D Character Model Designer
3D background model designer


Game programmers for home game consoles / PC
Game programmer for smartphone
Engine programmer
Tool Programmer
System programmer
Network programmer
Graphics programmer

▼ For details on each job type, please refer to the biologic official site Medium recruitment information page.

If you would like to participate, please check the application qualification and ask for an entry from the following biologic official page.

Briefing session application page
In Toyrojick, we are developing multiple titles including triple A-grade action games for Worldwide, and we will actively adopt excellent development members in order to launch new original game projects one after another. I will come.