Xbox Chef Phil Spencer spoke in the current issue of the Edge Magazine via Kine ct. About the motion control he said that they were one of the biggest contributions from Xbox for the gaming.

Microsoft Officially Says Goodbye To The Kinect

As Spencer explains, Kine ct has led to diversify the games’ portfolio. So there were no youthful games before, until then titles like Happy Action Theater of Double Fine came or the whole dance matches. That’s the eyes open for this, what Xbox could be.

Thanks to Kine ct, successes also achieved successes for accessibility, such as the Adaptive Controller or the development of software.

If I look at work on the accessibility we have done — be it the Adaptive Controller or the software we’ve developed — then I think that you can create a direct connection to Kine ct. It is not specifically about the device itself, but just about what a games platform for more people can mean. And that’s a journey we are still.