This is a listing of computer games to genre with their exemplary agents. However, the categorization in unique computer game genres is out of emphasis.

The lovers of the RPG will recline with love the presence of. Hack in PS2, as it was part of the set of role-play that defined gender in said console. Years later, back in 2017, the fans of the saga could remember the classic adventures with.hack // g.u. Last Decode, which had initially premiered for PC and PS4 and now decides to take the step towards Nintendo Switch.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Vol 1. Rebirth PC Walkthrough - Gameplay Part 1 -

. Hack // G.U. Last Decode premieres in Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022 through a trailer that travels some of the most relevant scenes of the trilogy that contains the title, Banzai NAMC confirms the arrival of this collection to the Nintendo Hybrid March 10, 2022. Therefore, players will be able to return once again to The World, the fictitious MMORPG that appears in each product of the franchise, to recall these experiences in Nintendo Switch.

. Hack // G.U. Last Decode picked up the seed of his own games presenting a remastered compilation of three of the titles of this saga, which revives his idea of ​​the RPG through a new version. After all, it stands out by a broad game system that can dazzle any fan of the genre, which will be even more hooked by the amount of content offered by trilogy.

Therefore, Banzai NAMC will allow us to be able to take these adventures anywhere thanks to one of the main functionalities of Nintendo Switch, expanding a number of players that in 2018 reached 300,000. As for the argument itself, we commented on the analysis of.hack // g.u. Last recounts that its plot is very striking and, although some of its mechanics has been outdated, it is still a delight for all the lovers of RPG.