Well this is fairly interesting. Collaborate, the open source consulting firm that often deals with Valve, has announced the experimental Venus driver for 3D acceleration of Vulcan applications in QEMU. For those not familiar, QEMU is a common and open source equipment emulator as well as virtualize.

Running graphics applications in a Visitor OS can be aggravating as they are typically money grubbing of calculating resources, which can reduce you down or give you a bad experience in terms of graphics efficiency. Being able to accelerate all this by offloading the workload to the hardware can be a good deal. The VirtIO-GPU digital GPU device enters into play right here, permitting a Guest OS to send out graphics commands to it with OpenGL or Vulcan. While we are currently there with OpenGL, we can not claim the exact same for Vulcan. Well, up until currently.

The job has not been up streamed yet however it’s looking rather encouraging, Collaborate mention that there’s still plenty of jobs to be done yet prior to that happens. You can see a sneak peek video of it running below:

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