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Elyon dies We will have only one server to play

This is a question (to you).

Aka Games has just announced the first serious combination of servers — and only two months from the premiere of the game, which means unless the situation of Lyon is not so perfect as if everyone wished.

We are currently preparing to connect servers in Europe and North America, consolidating all servers from each region in one.

Elyon Airship Daily Quests Guide

So from the three present worlds will only be one server for fun.

Europe — Andromeda
North America — Cassiopeia

~~ Server Merge is scheduled for next week, January 5 ~~. On January 5, we will not be able to create characters on combined servers, but the actual merge server is scheduled for February. Details here.

We can grieve, but such a development of events is not a surprise for anyone (anyone who regularly visits our portal). We have long followed and informed you about Lyon’s situation in South Korea, which — gently saying — she was not too joyful. Music drain of players, another connection, and the Lyon fall from the Top50 list of the most popular online games on the local market.

Lyon did not break into the hearts of America fans, and you have to accept this fact.

Analysis of Metroid Dread Samus returns home

Metro id: Camus Returns is an action-adventure game developed by Nintendo END and MercurySteam as well as released by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. It is a remake of the 1991 Game Child game Metro id II: Return of Camus. Players control series lead character Camus Ran, a fugitive hunter who is acquired by the Galactic Federation to eradicate the parasitic Metro id species on their house world of SR388.
While the tale as well as framework parallel the initial game, Camus Returns includes redone graphics, upgraded controls and user interface, and new gameplay technicians not seen in previous 2D Metro id titles, such as a melee counterattack and the capacity to aim easily at any kind of angle. Development began in 2015, managed by longtime producer Ohio Nakamoto.
Camus Returns obtained positive evaluations upon release for its visuals as well as improvements over the initial version, with lots of likewise regarding it a recover for the series. Nakamoto was impressed with MercurySteam’s understanding of the collection, causing their proceeded partnership for Metro id Dread (2021) on the Nintendo Switch.

This year has been special for Nintendo due to the return of Camus Ran, one of the icons of the video game. The last adventure original adventure in 2D of the hunters, metro id fusion, appeared almost 20 years ago in GBA. Mercury steam brings us a fifth installment that supposes the return of the saga to a desktop console. In this Analysis of Metro id Dread We have pleasantly surprised its main characteristics.

How Metroid Fusion Creates Fear
In 1986, NEW users found in metro id a different proposal with respect to the progressive advancement of levels in video games. Although with mechanics of action and platforms, the concept consisted of the exploration of a labyrinthine map with apparent freedom to move forward. The main objective was to destroy the Metro id and save the galaxy. Thanks to the acquisition of objects that improved the Camus costume, we unlocked new ways to meet the goal. This concept was developing in different titles until it was popularized in 1997 with symphony of the night. Karachi Castlemaine along with the Saga Metro id named the subgenre known as Metroidvania.

Morbid DREAD follows the tradition of this subgenre and focuses on exploration together with the discovery of key objects. However, the action and platforms remain as present as in the previous deliveries. MercurySteam has done an excellent job in adapting the features of Metro id to the new times.

Analysis of Metro id Dread: Camus on the planet DR

The argument connects directly with metro id fusion. MercurySteam, aware of the time that has happened, puts us in context with a prologue at the beginning of the adventure. With this brief introduction we started the new Camus mission on the DR planet. The goal is to discover if the parasite X remains active, which would be a threat to the galaxy. One of the original elements introduced in this delivery are E.M.M.I. Powerful browsing robots who were sent to the planet before Camus.

The graphic section meets expectations for a switch game without large technical beads. Scenarios have great definition and on-screen enemies are large and colorful. In addition, constant shots make light effects fill the screen. On the other hand, the kinematics are well integrated and surprised by their quality. Also stand out the animations of the E.M.M.I. Remembering the movement of great cats and the arachnids.

As for the gameplay, the controls are very well implemented and Camus has a great repertoire of movements. In this installment, the mechanics of parry is retaken, introduced in metro id: Camus Returns for 3DS. It can take us some time to dominate all the mechanics of combat, but these are fluid and precise. We recommend playing with pro controller because the combinations of buttons are more agile and comfortable. And the game requires us quickly in control.

Metro id Dread, anguish in space

The setting, especially due to E.M.M.I., transmits a successful sensation of anguish. It contributes to the oppressive atmosphere, a soundtrack based on environmental melodies. In addition, being discovered by E.M.M.I. The rhythm is accelerated, getting rising tension dimensions. Finally, nostalgia is acute with recognizable sounds and melodies.

Metro id Dread is not especially difficult when we manage to dominate their mechanics. According to our ability, it will take about 10 hours to reach the end. Although if we want to get 100% the duration will be greater. It should be noted that the clashes with the final bosses suppose an increase in difficulty.

Few are the negative points we find in this game. Maybe, e.m.m.i. Have less protagonism than it seemed at first by trailer. Or the scarce use they have given to amino. But nothing really conflicting that can squander an apex experience the game experience.

Almost 20 years we have waited for a new delivery of Metro id in 2D, and it has been worth it. Mercury steam did an impeccable job with Metro id: Camus Returns and now have perfected the formula. In fact, it is the video game developed in Spain better valued in history. It’s back 30 years ago, but with today’s technology. A game that will not only enjoy the players of the old school because it overflows quality in every way. Mercury steam has developed an adventure that complies with the saga, leaving us wanting more. A totally recommended video game.

Nintendo Switch – DESTAGES Over 1000 games up to 75 cheaper ad

Outer Wilds is a spatial exploration simulation computer game, released in May 2019 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as arranged for completion 2021 on Nintendo Switch. Modified by Annapurna Interactive, it is first established by Group Outer Wilds, then by Möbius Digital. The gamer embodies an extra-terrestrial visiting his worldly system. A DLC, Mirrors of the Eye, came out in September 2021.

Until the 30th of December, the Nintendo shop runs the festival offers with more than 1000 reduced games for Nintendo Switch. Already at the start of the action last week we had presented you in a first article ten highlights. Today we remember not only to the SALE, but also present you ten more top offers. The overview of all deals of action can be found here:

RESTAGES IN Nintendo shop: reduced over 1000 switch games

The Outer Worlds

The Science Fiction game The Outer Worlds comes from Obsidian Entertainment Role playing professionals (Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity). The Action RPG puts us in a dystopic future, in which corporations have taken the power and people are little count. The macabre humor, the sloping characters and the colorful planets take the gloomy scenario but much of his seriousness. It is fought as in a first-person shooter from the prospective, many missions can also be solved by sneaking or diplomatic path. In addition, explore the game world and getting to know her residents play a major role.

The Outer Worlds instead of €59.99 for €23.99 in the Nintendo shop


You probably do not have to say much about the game principle of Monopoly. The board game in which we buy whole streets, build houses and ruin our counterparties financially, enthusiastically and frustrated players around the world for decades. The Switch version from Ubisoft offers three pretty and equipped with a lot of optical details 3D play fields and can be played online as well as offline with up to six players. For those who lack the necessary free time, there are also new modes that accelerate the classic game a little. On request, you can also set your own rules or record new action cards into the game.

Monopoly instead of €39,99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is considered to be the best part of the Horror series by many series of series until today. It is the first Resident Evil, which puts on a shoulder perspective instead of a rigid viewing angle, but it does not change that typical survival horror is offered with many enemies and little ammunition. We play the already known from Part 2 Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent to a Spanish village as a special agent in order to free the abducted daughter of the president from the catches of a strange sect. The villagers are not well-tuned. However, they are not our biggest problem, because in the sinister forests and old-fashioned buildings, far more terror await us.

Resident Evil 4 instead of €19.99 for €14,99 in the Nintendo shop

Final Fantasy VII

The switch version of the roleplaying classic Final Fantasy 7 considers essentially to the original from 1997 with rendered backgrounds and cockchafer 3D figures, but brings a few improvements. For example, annoying random fighters can now be avoided and there is a new turbomodus. Nothing changed at the classic RPG gameplay with the Active Time Battles, in which a timeline next to every character in our party, when we can use it next time. Even the exciting story about the mercenary cloud Strife, which follows a resistance group and draws into the fight against an unscrupulous large corporation, is still the same.

Final Fantasy VII instead €15,99 for €7,99 in the Nintendo shop

No more heroes

No More Heroes is a hack & slash action game in which we take control of the order skill Travis Touchdown. This has set itself the goal of becoming the best assassin’s in the world by wringing down the best ten assassins so far. In addition to its sloping humor, no More Heroes is characterized by the combat system, in which both spectacular wrestling moves and the faithful laser cabana of the protagonist are used. In between, we can freely explore the city with the most servant name Santa Destroy using our motorcycle and take various part-time jobs to make money for other weapons to earn equipment.

No More Heroes instead of €19.99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

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Nintendo Switch — GESTATION OFFERS: secure up to 75% off many games [advert]

Fast RMS

The switch-exclusive racing game almost RMS is the continuation of the almost Racing Neo published for Wii U. It offers all 24 routes of the predecessor and its LCS as well as 12 new courses. We re-graze again in futuristic anti-gravity vehicles through varied and pretty scene science fiction landscapes. We can achieve breathtaking speeds, as long as we create it to catch the boost zones on the track. If we are successful, we switch new speed classes and even faster vehicles free. In multiplayer, eight or locally via split screen four players can compete against each other, the almost RMS always runs in liquid 60 fps.

Fast RMS instead of €19.99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends caught up his name, because Ubisoft’s Jump & Run can actually be expected to be the legends of the genre. It is characterized mainly by its varied gameplay, which contains many creative to bizarre ideas. A highlight is still the music levels in which we have to move in the right rhythm. Visually, Rayman Legends still convinces with its pretty, colorful style design and the loving animations. In the definite edition for Nintendo Switch, the popular football mini-game King Foot was expanded to a mode with single player and tournament variants. There are now local co-op, for which two consoles are linked together.

Rayman Legends definitions edition instead of €39,99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares 2 is about two children escaping from a city full of monsters and need to achieve a mysterious tower through which reality is distorted nightmare. Like the predecessor, the horror game is characterized by its unique graphic style, which fluctuates between cute and scary. This time, the levels are much more varied: Our path leads us about a hospital populated hospital and a dark forest. The gameplay consists as usual from sneaking, small riddles and Jump & Run passages, but also offers something more action compared to the first part, as we can at least locate with weapons violence against our enemies.

Little Nightmares II instead €29,99 for €20.09 in the Nintendo shop

Bios hock Remastered

That the first-person shooter Bios hock is one of the big classics of the genre, is mainly due to his game world: After a plane crash over the sea, we save ourselves into the underwater town of Rapture, which was planned as a Utopia, but at the time of our arrival has already turned into a nightmare. As it could come, we find out when exploring the metropolis. In addition to the exciting story, the dense atmosphere also contributes the excellent style design. Against the numerous dangers that lurk on us, we not only put ourselves with firearms, but also with the help of superhuman skills to weir, which we acquire gradually.

Bios hock Remastered instead of €19.99 for €7,99 in the Nintendo shop

Cyber Deals on Nintendo eShop | Over 1000 games discounted!


The 2D action game Blasphemous falls at at first glance through its gloomy look. The style design was inspired by the Spanish Inquisition and accordingly contains not only much religious symbolism, but also abundant blood and torture instruments. But not only the desolate game world, but also the high degree of difficulty reminiscent of Dark Souls: If we let ourselves be distracted by the grotesque exterior of the monsters with whom we get to do it too long, we are dead quickly. We have against the huge boss opponents In addition, just a chance if we master the combos well. Blasphemous is therefore above all a game for all those looking for a challenge.

Blasphemous instead of €24,99 for €6.24 in the Nintendo shop

Craftopia Update 1239 PatchNotizen Carlos Hurtado

The Pro-Evolution Football collection (typically understood just per EVE or PES), known in Japan as Winning Eleven, is a INAMI collection of football simulations that appear for several video game consoles and also the PC. It has actually existed considering that 1995 with the publication of Winning Eleven. Given that then, a new concern of the game shows up annually. The current variation (Football PES 2021 Season Update) has been released on 15 September 2020 for PC and also numerous gaming consoles. Pro Advancement Football, unlike the instant competitor of the FIFA series, has less licensing legal rights as well as therefore less initial names of the teams, players and stadiums, yet according to the objection of several journals represents the extra reasonable as well as tactically sophisticated football game.

Update 1239 has arrived for Creighton, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. Creighton is what you would call a copy of Breath of the Wild at first glance, but many players found it differently. This open-world title mixes many mechanics and features that are found in other genres. Players can explore, hunt, collect food and even connect other players with their adventures. Everything is new with Creighton Update 1239.

Creighton Update 1239 Patchoteats

The error associated with Equipment Geisha Ball and Material Geisha Ball has been fixed.
An error has been fixed in which the position of the equipment was incorrectly positioned on your right hand while equipped with an armor of the Hakama series.
The error that the letters on Billboard did not appear in the input UI when they have accessed Billboard has been fixed.
The error has been fixed that some modules like Wall-Mounted Billboard were rotated by 180 degrees by default.
An error has been fixed in which the HATBOX was incorrect to retrieve short stone column when using Retrieving Rod.

An error has been fixed in which random visual effects were displayed when the skill VOR PAL dance was used.
The error has been fixed that you could not move properly if you wore the equipment of the Hakama series with the newly added body color.
The error that a player remained stuck under certain circumstances was reduced, and the bug fixed that you could climb on cliffs.
An error has been fixed in which a player character came slightly backwards when they started to go in the squat.
The error has been fixed that the BOSS background music was not played when she was near Worm.
The bug that you could not easily push a snowball has been fixed.
An error has been fixed in which the timeout for slip and trip trial was unexpectedly shorter on islands with a high level. The name of the study was also changed to Shooting Trial: Slipping.
The error has been fixed that the timer of Shooting Trial: SLIPPING did not stop if you ended the trial version.
The error has been fixed that the visual effect of skill Spring did not stop if it was broken or interrupted the craft.
An error has been fixed in which the keyboard inputs influenced the control of vehicles while driving on a vehicle.
An error has been fixed where you could not use the items and capabilities registered on hotkeys while using drones for shooting.
An error has been fixed in which the progress was calculated incorrectly when offering objects in other categories in the picture book.

This Creighton update brings many bug fixes into the game. The game earlier had errors in terms of visual effects, player movements, user interface and more. Luckily, this was fixed. Now the players can enjoy the game in full.

Creighton is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. For more information about this update, visit the Official Creighton Steam page.

Big Brain Academy Brain vs Brain Update Live en Nintendo Switch notas del parche publicadas

Listing of video clip games Game tourist attractions on Super Nintendo or SNES, in Europe and also The United States And Canada and also South Alliance, organized historical games of the World Garden of the National Armed Force National Military Day Care or Royal Authorities alphabetically by name. For computer game Arcade Outings in Japan and Asia, inspect out the list of Arcade video games on PC. Remark: All games from the list are launched in The United States and Canada as well as Europe unless the country of departure after the name of the video clip gallery video game.

A new update is now available BIG Brain Academy: Brain against Cerebra in Nintendo Switch, which carries the game to version 1.1.0. This update includes a series of improvements in the quality of life. In an interesting movement, Nintendo has added an option for Fast Focus, Super Fast Focus, Speed ​​Sorting and Super Speed ​​Sorting that allows players to eliminate Creepy Crawlies. Essentially, if you are someone who does not do well with images of spiders, snakes and insects, now you can choose those images stop appearing! Full Notes of Nintendo Patch Official Website can be found below:

See. 1.1.0 (Published on December 23, 2021)


A configuration was added to restrict images of things such as errors in fast focus, superfast approach, speed classification and super speed classification in each mode.
After selecting a user, you can go to options → creepy bugs and then choose between Delete or Leave as.
In Party, you can choose whether you want to restrict the visualization of these images after selecting the users that will participate.


If you restrict the visualization of these images, the variety within these activities will be reduced.
If you restrict visualization of these images, just the ghosts that have also restricted the display will appear in Ghost Clash for quick focus, superfast approach, speed classification and super speed classification.

Images whose viewing will be restricted if you select ‘Delete’

Fair Focus, Super Fair Focus: Frog, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Snake, Snail, Grasshopper

Quick Rating, Super Quick Classification: Snake, Butterfly, Spider, Octopus, Squid, Sea Star, Frog, Ant, Fly, Grasshopper, Religious Mantis, Caterpillar, Snail

The ‘secret’ button was moved, which hides your age, on the screen where your age enters a position where it is easier to find. If you have already created user data, you can select your user and go to the Options → Age screen and select the ‘Secret’ button.
A screen was added when you have not been issued a ghost ID on how to get one on the top screen of Ghost Clash.
A problem was solved in Ghost Clash in which the opponent’s ghost stopped moving.
Several other problems were corrected to improve the game experience.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Considering everything, this is a pretty interesting update! It is difficult to say how many people will eliminate creepy bugs, but that option could influence players that would otherwise be on the fence. In this Christmas season, several retailers have dropped the price of big brain academy: brain against brain only $15, even though the game has just been released! Readers who are undecided about the possibility of seeing the Nintendo Switch title by themselves can read the official review of right here.

Have you left? Big Brain Academy: Brain against brain ? What do you think of this change in the quality of life? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 16 Replies

A Visual Unique (ビジュアルノベル, BIMARU Robert, Pronounced/ Bidʑɯaɾɯnobeɾɯ/ Japanese and also/ Vɪzjʊəl Novel/ English British, List. Visual Roman ), or Videos Videodisc in French, is a type of video game rather preferred in Japan, Yet much less known in the remainder of the world.
The term Visual Novel is a WaseI-Eigo, a Japanese word formed from words of the English language. The style is also assigned via the current abbreviation VN and also more hardly ever marked under the book GAME — internationally, it is usually utilized by individuals who very thinking about sex, such as INSANE; This term is usually a willful transcript of the Asiago Robert Gem (ノベル ゲーム), extra extensive in Japanese. Therefore, the term video tics videodisc Said to equate Japanese use, yet the high consideration undertone present in English, nonetheless, is shed if it is not recorded in an annex means.
In Japan, Visual Books are considered journey video games. The Japanese frequently make the difference between the supposed NFL video games (acronym of Novel ), which basically contain a narration and also which have really little interactive components, and also the so-called AVG or Adv games (respectively Journey Game and Journey ), which integrate trouble resolutions and also various other sorts of interactivity. This distinction is typically not outside Japan, where NLS and ADV’s are frequently described as Visual Novels by global fans.
This type of media is closer to a book than a computer game. It contains a frame in which text, generally accompanied by pictures and noises, as well as which narrates. In many Visual Stories, the reader has the chance to interfere on the progress of the tale through textual selections.
The substantial majority of Visual Novels come out just on computer, just some prominent Unique Visual are used on Console.

In 2006, American company Hiram thought that regarding 70% of computer video games in Japan at that time were Visual Novel video games.

2K22 Episode 16 Replies — NBA 2KTV is an original series that Visual Concepts made available for the first time in NBA 2K15. It is available to see it both in the game and on the Official YouTube channel of NBA 2K.

The program covers almost everything related to NBA 2K and NBA games, with interviews with developers and Players of the NBA equally. It also highlights NBA 2K players and covers events as the Road to The Final Tournament at 2K Pro-AM. Several episodes have also revealed curiosities about upcoming games, including the addition of more retro equipment, improvements in the game and other advances. It is a great addition that keeps people glued to the game even when they are not playing.

Now that NBA 2K22 is here, we all know what that means. A new season of 2ktv. We arrived at season 8 of 2KTV. It is surprising how far this series has arrived.

NBA 2K22 — 2KTV episode 16 responses

Each episode of 2ktv launches a couple of questions to the players. And if they manage to answer them, they get 100-200 VC in exchange. If you ask me, this is one of the best ways to win free VC. Then, if you play NBA 2K22, you must definitely do it every week. Let’s take a quick look at the answers of episode 16 of 2KTV:

Which NBA team has played more games on Christmas day?
Which NBA team ran Pick and Roll more frequently last season?


NBA 2K22 2KTV Answers - Episode 16
Who do you think puts the best screens?
Some answer
Who led the league in on-screen assists per game last season?
Rudy Robert
What episode of this season presented our first interview with Bash world?
Episode 2
In what state is High bridge?
New York
How many years have you played?
Some answer
Would you like to see more features of life?
Some answer
How many Players of the NBA have distributed more than 10,000 assists?
Who has the record of more assists in an All-Star game of the NBA?
Magic Johnson
Who has delivered more assists in the history of the NBA playoffs?
Magic Johnson
With what artist was Kendra Joe tour in 2016?
In what year did Kendra Joe began to throw her own music?
How many NBA championships have won the Knicks?
Who was the last Knick to win a rookie reward of the NBA Year?
Mark Jackson

Make sure you press the correct buttons. That is the only way to confirm your response. You will be rewarded with 100-200 VC immediately followed by a green mark, if your answer is correct.

Some questions give you a very short time window, so try to answer them as quickly as possible. My recommendation would be, open this article on your phone and keep answering the questions.

Here a look at season 8 of 2ktv, episode 16:

Away victory in Arizona Rams set exclamation marks

Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals Full Game Highlights | NFL Week 14, 2021
After three defeats in five games could be 30:23 on Monday evening (local time) for the Rams (9: 4) of the turnaround, at least the victory increases the pressure on the disappointed NFC-West leader Arizona (10: 3) solid. A home win would have already made the play-off participation of the Cardinals perfectly.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford collected three touchdown passes for the Rams and threw over a total of 287 yards. This is a team win, we had many resistors this week. We have all held together, said Stafford at ESPN.

Numerous corona cases

Defender Galen Ramsey is one of the NFL professionals, which landed on Monday on the colonialist of the league. The NFL reported on its website of 36 new cases — a daily record. According to information of ESPN, there are even 37 cases.

Kyle Murray on the side of the Cardinals made two interceptions and stayed without Touchdown Pass. The game ended with the third sack of Rams defender Aaron Donald, the Murray pulled to the ground at the outgoing clock and made the victory perfectly.

New survival

On December 10, the new ShooterGtfo started for the PC on Steam. On the first weekend, the Indie project was already attracted over 11,000 players and got very positive reviews. Mango introduces you the hardcore shooter.

What is that for a game? You are prisoner and will be sent by your jailer to an abandoned research station to search for data there. GTFO can be best compared from gameplay with known games like Left 4 Dead or Payday.

With a team of four people you move through the different levels, should get something and disappear again. Ideally, you attract as little attention to you as possible. Tactical approach is mandatory.

Opponents can quickly overrun and appear in hordes if you are not watching. Should the cautious approach go wrong, they usually entertain you at a safe position and hopes that you have more balls than opponents come.

Ammo and healing are scarce and rather sparse in the levels distributed. In contrast to the classics GTFO plays in a sci-fi setting. Your opponents are aliens, which are largely reminiscent of people. Mutated, distorted people. A special focus is on the sound-backdrop, which makes everything more scary, because the developers are still screaming for themselves.

Przegląd Indie - Project Zomboid

GTFO was created by the Swedish Indie-Studio 10 Chamber. Many members of the studio have already worked on Payday and want to inflow the spirit of the game in GTFO. In 2019, the DEVs gave us exclusive insights into their first, their own project.

So gets GTFO: On Steam, GTFO has to release weekend 11,091 players in the top (via The ratings are 88% at very positive at 22.101 votes since the Early Access 2 years ago. The recent reviews are still 82% positive.

At the moment there are GTFO only for the PC and only about Steam. A version for PlayStation and Xbox would like to do the devs, as it was already meant before 2019, but there was still the partner. Maybe that changes after a successful release.

1.0 Release brings a crowd of horny stuff

What is new to the release? With version 1.0, several changes came into play, the GTFO, especially for beginners making easier (via Steam). The most important change is the bots.

Since release, you can in doubt even solo gamble with 3 I colleagues. That’s hard, but be feasible. With only one friend and 2 bots in the team, most missions ( expeditions called) fold well.

There are also optional checkpoints. Through this, a mission is no longer lost immediately if you are committing a mistake. Instead, you will be reset to the checkpoint. If you prefer hardcore, you can deactivate the option.

For fans of the game, there are also cosmetics that you can adapt to your prisoners. By completing expeditions, your new clothes will be released.

The players say: The players are enthusiastic about GTFO. Fade ‘For example, the new shooter calls the Best Loop Game at all and Happy Christmas writes: You’ve introduced a crowd of horny stuff with the 1.0 release.

Since release, GTFO is also recommended for newcomers, but the consensus is generally that you need friends. Competent friends, how a player specifies. Criticism, especially that the difficulty does not like everyone. Errors are punished hard and not every mission will be completed successfully. Provides you to die.

Who stands in this kind of games, can also try back 4 blood on a rather classic zombie setting. The spiritual successor of LEFT 4 Dead appeared in October:

Back 4 Blood after 70 hours: So good is the Loop shooter really

3 League Top teams beat late 1860 answers on M lders turbulence

The nominal top game rose on Saturday afternoon in Magdeburg, where the leader 1. FCM had the pursuit VFL Osnabrück. And 12,636 spectators were offered by both teams partly high-class and offered via the complete game duration varied and gripping lot. Until the final seconds, it was 1: 1, which would have been a result of a resulting result in view of the balance of power. But then there was another penalty. Although the strong VFL-Keeper Kuhn parried, at SIX then beat to the 2-1 winner (90th). While the leader resisted his position, Osnabrück stands again with empty hands at the end.

Braunschweig and Mannheim Siegen late

Exciting, it also made the other top teams. Contract Braunschweig fell into residue at Viktoria Cologne by a transformed crack penalty (3.). After the pause, Auerbach (47.) Legalized, but it took until the 86th minute, March to the threesome for the Lower Saxon lions. Walsh of Mannheim had to wait even longer for the salvation for the TSV Averse. The tail light sniffed at the score of 1: 1 at the point gain, but Routinize Chatterer shot the pork halls in the 88th minute to victory. Braunschweig (2nd) and Mannheim (3rd) defended their table positions, including the fourth 1. FC Saarbrücken considered a 1-0 (Gate: Katz, 44) against climber SC Freiburg II course.

1860 München im Chaos | 3. Liga | MAGENTA SPORT

Lower Siegen after turbulence about from Molder

Much was last at 1860 Munich: First, the heavy 2: 5 pack of own audience against the 1st FC Magdeburg, then the turbulence around that from cult attacker molder. But the lions gave the right answer on Saturday with the 2-0 victory at Borussia Dortmund II: The new captain Led (26th) as well as bear (49th) met for the victory for 1860. With the leadership of Managing Director Gunther also gain Grendel air.

No winner in the basement duel between Duisburg and Very

Air that does not have the MTV Duisburg. The zebras came in the basement duel against the SC no over a 2: 2 and have been waiting for four games in a row to a threesome. Both teams remain under the stroke through the draw, with the 17th VERY with 18 counters with one point can certainly live better than the one rank behind MTV (17 points.).

Update Arc Raiders First game by Patrick S derlunds Studio announced

Arc Raiders is a free-to-play shooter in which you fight against an invasion of extraterrestrial machines.

Update from 10.12.2021: The first trailer to Arc Raiders shown in the Game Awards already offers a first impression of how the shooter of the still young development team EMBARK Studios plays. The earth is attacked by an alien power that sends constant strong machines on the planet. In the video, both small drones can be seen and a big, spider-like monster. In the end, even a much giant opponent is eve nested.

ARC Raiders should eventually appear for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S next year and be playable via GeForce Now and sets a free-to-play model. At the heart, it is obviously a co-op game in which you fight as a team in different environments against the machines from the space. The trailer shows partly very extensive areas. Whether Arc Raiders now has an Open World or relies on individual levels is not known.

Original message from 07.12.2021: Patrick Overland may already know as a high animal at Electronic Arts. Before that he was CEO of Battlefield developer DICE. In 2018, the Swede EA left and founded his own company called EMBARK Studios. So that has been working on a game for more than two years now and that is exactly what is a name: Arc Raiders is said and is officially revealed at the night from Thursday to Friday at the Game Awards 2021. Because Embarked Studios could not wait to announce the title, you have already published a very short teaser video on Twitter last night.

Much of the clip does not reveal logically in his short term of just 20 seconds. A voice in the background talks about the fact that volunteers are considered, which obviously connect the resistance to a threat. It looks like it as if Arc Raiders be a game again, which turns around an invasion of all. At least in a scene (due to pictorial errors only quite rough) a kind of spaceship to recognize and in another someone shoots a large, moving ball. The camera setting suggests that the shooter is the character and Arc Raiders is a third-person shooter.

Arc Raiders Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

We can not pull more out of the clip. Everything else will clarify on Friday when the Game Awards were awarded and in between numerous trailers are shown, and new announcements are made. One of them now we know each other.

Now to Arc Raiders on Steam!

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