We talked about the finish line halftime, said Koschinat after the 2-0 victory of his 1st FCS against Viktoria Berlin at Magenta Sport. In the first half, Berlin has prepared great problems. We are a lot going on and used an outstanding goalkeeper so as not to go back.

Koschinat was forced to make changes: We have switched to triple bread and pulled a player more in midfield as a PlayStation to get more playing culture. At the same time his team had retreated: We told us: Okay, we meet a game-strong opponent, we counter it. That worked outstanding.

Two late gates of Tobias Janice (79.) and Maurice Seville (85th) finally caused the 2-0 victory of the Saarbrücken. That with Seville a joker hit and with Justin Steinkötter another substitute player bodied both assists, the coach agreed: More pressure on the coach than through such actions and services is not. This is highly positive for the team, he praised the Energy from the bank.

Music despite the defeat proud

Viktoria trainer Benedetto Pizzicato resembled in his analysis Koschinat: We have to go in the first half in the first half. For the boys I’m sorry, that’s just not deserving, but in the end, it’s just the effectiveness in football.

The coach of the climber was annoyed that at least at Saarbrücken had not suffered at least one point, but looked positive for the first round to end: I am proud of what we have shown here in the 17 games. 22 points Collected the Viktoria so far.

Viktoria Berlin: Der sympathische Aufsteiger gibt seine Visitenkarte in Saarbrücken ab
Three games, the Berliners still have to complete the Berlin year in this calendar year. Then winter break is, and then we have to see how we can change something — maybe personally to get some laughing. Turkic Munich, SV Happen and Viktoria Cologne are still waiting for Berlin before the turn of the year.