The HSV Barber Uhlenhorst needed a victory at the bottom of BRAMFELDER SV, to stay in place five halfway Franz. First, it looked that BU would supply, Jane sank a rebound in the 9th minute after a free kick. The guests after a compact defensive out, Weizmann headed a free-kick edge after 23 minutes to the 2-0 in the net. The BSV knew little to start with his possession, the more surprising that Werner met in the 38th minute from a half-right position to the connection. And it came even thicker: Barber’s goalkeeper heath slipped a ball from his hands just before the halftime, Oil rich dusted to 2: 2. A neck strike, but at the breaking of the final quarters, it looked so that BU could iron out this Dell. Grade ran in the 74th minute on Brambles Cover Talk, playing him and pushed one to 3: 2. But then Erich slapped again in the 86th minute and secured the BSV the home counter.

In very different spheres, the Us Dusseldorf, which is still without defeat, floats and also victorious in the ambitious Concordia Hamburg. Due to a hard-to-play place, the first half hour on both sides was mistaken, marriage ex-pro-Harnik in the 34th minute welded a Carolus template worth seeing in the mesh. Cord remained on the pusher, but awarded one or the other grand chance to compensation. The powder in the 90th minute: Tug did not manage to beat the ball from his own sixteen, Carolus grabbed the ball, served the substitute Dietrich with a cross pass, and it was the lid.

Two course references and six hits

On Saturday, the USC Paloma consolidated his place in the upper ranks at the Hairdryer SV. At the 4: 2 broke leg after a corner on the short post by head the spell (23rd). But the table penultimate presented himself as a rescued opponent and rewarded himself for his morality with the 1: 1 by ILIA (31.). But Krause replied four minutes later, when a head of header ended with him on the second post. In the second half it was again leg, who sat in the 57th minute the next exclamation mark of the USC Paloma: a rebound of MSV-goalkeepart Honda he pressed over the line. Then both clubs had to cope with placements within three minutes: At Paloma Cabin went to Foul and on the other side Martins Fernandes after hand with yellow-red. Merle increased in the 80th minute by head on 4: 1, Zimmermann shortened in the 90th minute from a short distance to the 2: 4.

Concordia Hamburg - TuS Dassendorf (19:30 ; 26.11.2021)

On Sunday, it looked for a long time that the SV Cur slack Neuengamme with a surprise victory in the table-second TSV Basel could go a big step towards the rise round. After school ring in the 25th minute the 1: 0 shot and Easels Ellerbrock with one own goal the 2-0 control (51.), the momentum was on the part of the SVEN. But then the TSV got the second air, Jean-Lucas Ger ken succeeded a faster double strike (56./67.), Jesse took the game even completely in the 77th minute.