After years of criticism, The Pokémon Company comments on one of the most important points of the community. In an interview, they clearly ask them: they hear what the game ship has to say, but make their games anywhere else for different reasons.

The BIG Problem with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

Pokémon: Diamante & Pearl in criticism

Every year, the Pokémon Company brings another game, or a remake, for monster collectors on the market. And every year, it hails criticism. If it does not go around the graphics or the technical aspects, long-term fans focus mainly on one: Pokémon games should finally become adults — both in the plot, and in difficulty.

The latter was recently discussed again. In Pokémon Bright Diamond & Luminous Pearl, which appeared on 19 November, the EP divider will be imposed. So you get your Pokémon faster, and you have to train less. That did not like that.

EIN trailer for the controversial Pokémon remake you can see here:

The Pokémon Company wants to find a balance

Now no one answers less than J.C. Smith, The Director for Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company, to speak. He is responsible for the fact that the games and individual Pokémon are marketed purposefully. Now he confirms in a conversation with Axis Gaming that the complaints and wishes of adult contents are known. However, the company must find a compromise:

We hear [the criticism]. And I think the developers definitely understand that there is a desire for something. But we are trying to focus that the core of the game is made accessible to everyone.

He also says that the demands of the fans are very clear, but the developers have their own vision. It must always be found a balance between the two sides.

The hard feedback of the community is the developers of Game Freak meanwhile used :

We have a group of Creator and professionals at the Pokémon Company who have already seen much — many have seen and heard. They have a thicker coat than most people because they had to listen too much.

(Source: Axis)

Opinion of Nathan Navrotzki

Unpopular opinion, but: maybe the developing or the Pokémon Company no longer likes to listen to the community because they are now simply hardened. Constant criticism, especially the harsh sound, the fans often strike, hits deaf ears at some point. And as long as the games are still selling as cut bread, The Pokémon Company will probably not change their course.

My request to the fans: Criticism comment is okay, but please be without falling — behind the games stuck real people. Just does not buy and sets a sign.

My request to The Pokémon Company: Different levels of difficulty and optional EP divisors would face many. That does not change the child-friendly nature of the games, is just a bit more effort you could do.