As the industry progresses, the technology that is used to create our favorite games evolves. Throughout this year we have seen how the Unreal Engine 5 is positioned to be one of the fundamental tools at the time of creating games with a realistic visual style in the future. Now, a company has taken this to the next step by offering photorealistic facial expressions.

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Recently, the company known as Diva Dynamic announced the beta of ART Face Trainer, a program that works next to Unreal Engine 5, as well as other graphic engines, which allows the creation of facial expressions in real time. This achieves a level of detail and photorealism without equal.

The video shows us to the ART Face Trainer in action. All this was captured at 4K and 60fps. The software works thanks to a 15 TB database of 4D scan, in addition to having more than 72 thousand forms of the face. While this is just a demonstration of the potential of this tool, this paints a fairly interesting future for the industry, and it will surely become common in projects that wish to reach a first level immersion level.

On related topics, this would be a remake of major’s Mask with the Unreal Engine 5. Similarly, the new Mass Effect could be developed with this engine.

Editor’s note:

zivadynamics zrt face trainer
Without a doubt, ART Face Trainer offers us a fairly interesting future. The best thing about this is that this tool is also compatible with other engines, so developers of all kinds can make use of this work. It would be interesting to see a horizon 3 with this visual style.