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3G for volunteers such as spacecraft or beverage sellers, 2G + for sociable club-proof, otherwise since Wednesday for amateur football in North Rhine-Westphalia in training and competition 2G (recovered or vaccinated) — for players, coaches, referees and spectators, if they are older than 15 years.

No surplus hurdle for the football and athletics association Westphalia (FLOW), which announced Wednesday morning, that the season should be continued as planned: After weighing the possibilities, we decided to continue the possibility of the vaccinated players and players Giving, going to go to your sports, FLOW President Rudolf Walaschevski comments on the AssociationHomepage the unanimous decision taken between the Bureau and the district chairman. Thus, among other things, the three-game days planned this year can go over the stage in the Oberlin Westphalia until December 12th. In the two Westfalenliga seasons even until the 19th of December games are scheduled, although corona outbreaks and bad weather conditions can naturally lead to individual cancellations.


Exceptions are available for the league games of the A and B juniors as well as the B-Juniors, as this age group was only much later a vaccination recommendation from the Standing Vaccination Commission (Seiko). The league games are exposed to 31.12.2021, training and friendly matches are possible while maintaining the 2G rule. This also applies to mandatory games if the opponents agree in mutual agreement, because the association wool, especially teams with a good vaccination rate. Since G- C-Youth Players fall under the age limit from the state government of including 15 years, gambling operation is still possible.