Riot Gaming, Inc. is an American computer game designer, publisher and esports tournament coordinator. Its headquarters remain in West Los Angeles, The Golden State. Founded in September 2006 by Brandon Beck and also Marc Merrill to establish League of Legends, the business has gone on to create a number of spin-off games of League and also an unrelated first-person shooter, Valorant. As a publisher, Riot Games supervises the manufacturing of League spin-offs by other developers via its posting arm, Riot Forge. Considering that 2011, Riot has actually been a subsidiary of Chinese corporation Tencent.
Trouble runs 14 international League of Legends esports organizations, the League of Legends World Champion as well as the Valorant Champions Trip. The company, which had 24 offices worldwide as of 2018, sells business sponsorships, merchandise, and also streaming rights for its organizations. Riot has actually encountered allegations of a toxic office culture, consisting of gender discrimination and sex-related harassment. The firm s reaction was slammed for its use of forced mediation.

The story of League of Legends is becoming more important for players. Phenomena as the release of arcane or the arrival of ruined king with its surprise premiere have offered the community very attractive formats to discover more about the universe of RENATER while enjoying titles that can be understood in itself same. However, with the RPG created by Airship Syndicate and Riot Forge There has been any other questions about whether it is about a story belonging to the official Canon.

How is Ruined King relates to the Canon de League of Legends?

If it had to be summarized in a single sentence, we would say Ruined King, in fact, is part of the Canon of League of Legends and has come to become an official story. It has been confirmed by some Riot Forge employees involved in development and this is shown on the official page of questions and answers in relation to the game. However, there is a small nuance that is expressed as follows: Yes, the main narrative of the game is canonical, but there will also be different ways of expressing the IP (intellectual property) as characters or specific moments only of the stories that are They count on the game.

In short, we can treat us from Ruined King as an official source to discover the story of League of Legends. It has even been revealed to the time frame in which it is developed, just among the events that took place in the stagnant water event and light sentinels. For LORE enthusiasts, advanced year 996 since the NEXUS Foundation (region that marks the start of the calendar).

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

It is very likely that Riot Games will follow this logic at the time of giving the rest of his stories about League of Legends. With new games on the table as with / emergence or Song of Nun, the great events of each title will become Canon, although allowing developers to create what they need to tell their stories and develop the gameplay can exclude those Small parts of the great narrative of RENATER.