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In recent years, you have certainly already played some Pokémon games. When the right ones were underneath, you get from Nintendo Bonuses for Pokémon Legends: Areas donates, such as the mysterious Shay min.

Pokémon legends: Areas — Nintendo distributes bonuses to fans

Until Pokémon legends: Areas appears, you have to wait a bit. Pre-ordered can look forward to very special physical bonuses. Which bonus you get where you can see in our practical overview.

If you have played specific Pokémon games, also expect In game Bond, such as the mysterious Pokémon Shay min, which can add to your team as well as a kimono set and more — but only under a certain prerequisite.

If you have completed scores in Pokémon Schwartz, Shield or Lets Go Pikachu or Lets Go Evil, you can take the respective rewards and add them directly to the action role play.

The games and bonuses in the overview:

Pokémon Sword and Shield : Mysterious Shay min (Landform) and a kimono set for your character.

Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Evil : A cute Pikachu or Evil mask to customize your character.

How do you get the bonus items?

To secure you the bonuses, you have to play the respective games and saw the credits. Then you can visit Dübendorf and ask there for your mysterious Pokémon. The Shay min Kimono Set as well as the masks get you the outfitter after you have joined the Galaxy Expedition Team.

(Source: Nintendo)

NEW LEAKS and RIDDLES for Pokemon Legends Arceus! New RIDE POKEMON?!

Pokémon legends: Areas appears on January 28, 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and can already be pre-ordered.

Prorate can be the game, among other things, at Amazon:

Pokémon legends: Areas [Nintendo Switch]

Now from €59,99 at Amazon

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