Arcane as has already been done. Series of League of Legends Riot Games have created and article for Netflix. After a first act that dazzled us with its presentation of the world, and a second that was dedicated to raise knots and conflicts between the characters, the third has come to give a conclusion many of the same… and open new unknowns.

One of the new characters of this arc is the mother of Mel Madeira Plover counselor and maximum support Jayce. In one scene of the previous episodes we saw the picture of her reminiscing about the times her in what seemed Nexus, the expansionist empire of the world Runeterra. Well, her mother appears as a veteran soldier of the region to give lessons at a time complicated for Mel.

What is happening in Nexus?

So far we have had minimal references to Nexus, noting that of the wine in the auditorium (which reappears Mels mother), and we believed that alluded to nothing more and nothing less than Swain. But now we have seen someone with relevance in Nexus speak of a war looming and the need for Plover take sides. Obviously, that war could be facing both Dacia them at this time in the official lore, as war for power in the Notion Empire.

Again, as with the discovery of the Hex tech, dates do not marry. But everything seems to indicate that will be carrying out the revolution in Nexus Swain that seeks to unite all sides of the empire under a single command: yours and the Triforia. Madeira could possibly be a hindrance to these winds of change in Nexus.

But… Who it is the brother of her?

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The Hidden Details Of Arcane - Act 1

During those scenes between Mel and his mother, we know a lot of revelations. The first one is already produced in the arrival of the Notion military, to the reveal to Mel that her brother has died fruit of what she considers an oversight of his, and that the son she crossed with the wrong person. We all thought we had located the brother of him, and could well be Joe (Almond) Madeira, with a letter Legends of Runeterra. But in the opening flashback we are talking about one King as the brother of Mel.

Joe it was clear also by describing the letter For, since she is a bit complex to marry the Arcane lore. Mel is the only Madeira Plover, but Joes letter reads as follows: Heir to the prestigious Clan Madeira Plover. Joe preferred hunting ancient artifacts rather than run the family business… To the chagrin of his father.. The father he should not be other than Ago Madeira present in several parts of the story of Runeterra, but this time seems to have disappeared from the map, or at the least have been replaced by Mel in Arcane.

Beyond the names, the situation in Nexus is going to be controlled by Dark will Borax, an emperor put in power by the stately homes (one could well be the Madeira), to impose the Triforia Swain composed of himself, Darius and Cara Sin. The Madeira could be reprisals when Swain emerges victorious.

Wheres the story? Riot only knows

What then can we gather from here? Well little. We should combine theories to think about what we want to tell Riot Games with Madeira clan. One obvious possibility is that the wrong man out the Swain himself, and that is starting to put together a narrative on how to acquire this power in Nexus and becomes the great general we all know.

Another option is that Mel, but she looks tremendously committed to Plover and progress of this city state, was sent as a spy Notion seeking new technological weapons decant the balance of the expansionist war Nexus side. As we say, but we know that it seems to be a double agent if she aspects mentioned at times as the weapons of the city, or Jayce does not seem to be prepared.

Anyway, crows reappear in the final part of the series to return to witness a key moment in the life of Jinx. Once, okay, two may be coincidence, but three times when crows are to appear to indicate that Swain is not interested in the new Powder. Will we Arcane Season 2 with Jinx fighting as a mercenary by Nexus?, Swain Will the new Silo him?