Before the Saturday afternoon sections of the 12th Game Day of the Football Bundesliga, some insiders have come back to Sky to the action around the football business. A warning was for the BVB.

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund)…

… to defeat the FC Bayern Munich: We have to fulfill our task. Thats called VfB Stuttgart, but we have perceived that Bayern have lost. I do not look forward to defeats of other teams. Have is not a very positive factor now, We have to win our games.

… to Raphael Guerrero: Raphael Guerrero is a really horny kicker that gives us footballer a lot of stability, safety and solutions. He is someone who always wants the ball who can be a goal-threatening. Of course, we have to secure him well
… to system discussion and Marco Reus: Im constantly talking to my guys, of course with Marco Reus. The fact is that we were better in the game in the second half of the four half of the second half. But the fact is, our staff Constellation in Leipzig was so that we wanted to bring the players who were on the field into their best positions. We have tried and not quite well implemented, other factors as the system play a role.

… whether Zeus should go to the World Cup: Im not a national coach, so the other must decide. I can only say that I am incredibly happy to have such a captain who takes over responsibility, goes on and tries to be always fit. He has developed a standing over performance in the team, which is absolutely top. Even in the national team, he had recently ever good performances. This shows that he is definitely an option.

Expert Dietmar Haman…

… About Borussia Dortmund: You have to start playing football, even without Erlang Haaland. Of course, Haaland hangs like a dark cloud over them, that you say, Haaland does not get there, thats without him? You have to find ways Play neat football, to play goals and find a stability back, so that they are also able to play zero. You can not do that at the moment. If that does not change, then you will see your swords to catch up with Bavaria
Jesse March (coach RB Leipzig)…

… to question whether even without Yusuf Paulsen and with André Silva Homes Pressing is possible: André has learned a lot in the last weeks and played well. Sure is a strength of Yusuf Paulsen. But I told the group to say it Lying not only to create André. This is true for the whole group to be more aggressive to be good against the ball, thats a goal.

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… the meaning of Yusuf Paulsen: The intensity, the physical presence in the square and the experience are very important. He knows the league, he knows the opponents, he knows what a game means in the Bundesliga. But we have Other important players with a lot of experience.

… to André Silva: Hes clear, he has always played well. Ive heard a lot in the media about Silva, but I did not expect 28 goals from this boy. It takes a bit to adapt in the group. He is a large part of the group. Mental, physical, psychological, he is ready. And again, its not just André Silva. It is for the whole group more and more to develop together.

Pelegrín Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart)…

… to the current location: I am looking for no excuses, but we had a lot of fluctuation in the squad. There it was difficult to develop certain automatism. We are not so powerful in the last third, as we would like to do that. We have to do something More defensive work.

… to Konstantinos Madroños: You have seen in the last games in which he has played, which value he has for the team. He puts others with his intensity and dual-fighting hardness. We certainly do that well.

Simon Roles (Director Marco Reus Bayer 04 Leverkusen)…

… to the team: We have to go back to Seville. The readiness, the joy of play, combination joy, and then comes with the lightness and self-confidence, but you have to work out.

… about the young team: Its not about the age, but about quality. Of course, we have a young team. We know that sometimes they are still more interpreted than experienced players, and yet we have quality. We want to show And thats also the claim.

… about dealing with coach Gerardo Sloane with the weakness phase: He was also disappointed. What is it going to work in such a phase inwards, try to improve things in training to work with the players. Defeats that happen are, have happened. But then to look, what can you learn, then the task is too. He has put on the focus on making the many young players better working on their development and I think thats the only one with whom you have a chance to get out there.

Frank Kramer (coach Armenia Bielefeld)…

… to the current situation: Thats the reality. We have committed young players, many players have left the club. It was clear that it was not easy with young players who come to a large extent from the second league becomes, and you do not keep it straight on, as you have stopped. In the playful we have faith I realized well, now we have to look that we make the results accordingly.

… to the foursome or triple chain: They made good games in both basic arrangements. Of course, they need stability and on the square a certain self-image and confidence in what is required by them. We have exchanged with the players. The Players said, for the game in Stuttgart we feel something safer. One thing is clear, as a trainer, we can conjure up the greatest plan from the hat, if the players are not 100 percent of being convinced, then the best plan is not Feasible and not good for the team. Then you have to adapt the plan accordingly. We did that and we were successful with it.