ACTIVISION FROM ACTIVISION Blizzard continued. Now the Center for interest was the head of Blizzard, Jen Oneal, who resigned this position after 3 months. Officially everything was fine, but now he goes to light that she was badly treated, she was prior to her, and she was paid less than Mike Barry, who took the same position.

You have expressed your opinion in the comments in this topic, and Mrs Jen Oneal throws a new light. It turns out that at the beginning of the controversy two differences differed because they played various positions with a different remuneration. It was therefore found that for a moment the old contracts will be extended, despite changing the position to the Boss Blizzard.

They both recognized, however, that these earnings have to align on a new contract, since they play the same role. Together, according to the appropriate request to the Board who refused. It was not agencies to align the earnings of Jen Oneal to those who received Mike Ibarra. The situation has changed only when Jen Oneal made a denunciation. Then the company has come with a proposal to align earnings.

PlayStation Boss SLAMS Activision-Blizzard, While Staff Confidence Is SHATTERED.
As if it were not enough, the relief of Bobbie Kick demands not only Activision Blizzard employees, but also part of investors. They want to give way to his position together with part of the Management Board. They are afraid of the company s future and express concern what is happening — weapons thus their interests.

I am talking about Strategic Organizing Center Investment Group, which has activities of Activision Blizzard with the values ​​of almost 5 million dollars. It is worth noting, however, that the group itself is small and has less than 1% of the company s shares, so they do not constitute significant strength. Nevertheless, they will take a voice in the case may (but does not have to motivate other shareholders to take a position.

Other companies are also beginning to join the matter, including Sony PlayStation, which is also concerned about what is happening in Activision Blizzard. A bad pass takes place if they manage to raise it? We ll see.