Nike Kovacs was from July 2018 to November 2019 chief coach at FC Bayern, won the Double from the German Championship and DFB Cup in his only complete season at the Münchernern. The relationship between the act of exercise of Frankfurt and important parts of the professional adoption was allegedly burdened from the beginning.

In his book Bavaria Insider reported picture reporter Christian Fall of incidents during the US tour of FC Bayern in the summer of 2018, which rushed the relationship of trust between head coach and FCB stars from the beginning.

At that time, the German record champions completed a Summer Tour in the United States, trained at the end of July in Miami and Philadelphia. At the end of the US trip, Nike Kovacs should have given his players a ban on. Nobody goes out! The coach should have clarified.

But this announcement of the new chief trainer should not have kept important heads in the team like David Alba, Franck Bribery, James Rodríguez and Racing. On the contrary, you organized an extra newly founded WhatsApp Group titled Miami Nights a deprivation night program with shuttle buses and disco visits.

The following morning the party squad of the Bavaria stars will be backed up at the hotel only at six o clock.

Although Kovacs explicitly prohibited a nocturnal swords and celebrations at the end of the United States of the USA, the rule violations for the mentioned Bavaria stars had on-site and then follow-free. Apparently an attempt of the Croatian football teacher, the players like Alba, Bribery and Co. still gather behind them.

Bayern-Star reports: Respect was away from the beginning

But with his non-sanctioning, Kovacs should have caused the opposite with the Munich professionals: If a coach makes such a Mr. Hard Announcement, he must draw consequences. We would have accepted that. By saying nothing had said Kovacs lost us, Fall quoted a not mentioned Bayern player.

Halbfinale: FC Barcelona - FC Bayern 01.05.2013
Next it was: The result was: The team moved out in Miami for a party for a party night, and so that went down the next few months. The respect for Kovacs was away from the beginning.

Already in his first Bundesliga season at FC Bayern Kovacs was never undisputed in the following months, stood at times nine points behind the arch rivals Borussia Dortmund already before the sacking. The dismissal was then in November 2019, known to take over his then assistant trainer Hans Flick for Nike Kovacs and led FC Bayern to Triple profit 2020.