The South Oriental women s handball nationwide group stands for South Korea at worldwide female s handball tournaments. Along with the 14 titles amongst the Asia Championships, the best successes of the South Korean group of winning both gold medals in the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games and the 1995 World Mug. It is also amazing to take part in the Olympic Games because 1984, wherein until 2012 The semifinals got to and also achieved a total of 6 medals. The Asia games were currently won for seventh time in 2018.

[Eye News 24 Moon Youngest] This year Vesta 2021 is a big 3 large game company, but there is no space for the space. The prospects of the 2K (Craft Tone Cacao Games), which are threatening the position of Big 3, are the prospects that have a thick fan base.

According to the game industry, according to the game industry, the Gustav Organizing Committee (Chairman King Shin-cheol) will be held for two days later, and Just 2021 is held in Susan for 5 days from the 17th to 21st. This year s Gustav 2021 Major game in the BTC Pavilion is a Aka Games, including Aka Games, which is a main sponsor, and a graffito, gravity, and shift-up. They are scheduled to celebrate a large booth over 40 booths.

Cacao Games (each representative Nam Gong Hewn, Joe Guy), who participated in a 100 booth scale, decided to exhibit seven-line lineups wishing for the Umamusume Pretty Derby.

The Umamusume Pretty Derby is a trainer, which is a character that has been a member of the race, which is the name of the race. It is characterized by a high level of graphics and lace full of lace, immersion high stories and free foster strategies.

This game is popular since Japan s official service since February, and has become a popularity of the present, and is a unique material with a racing motif. Cacao Games offers a souvenir at the completion of the event mission to visitors who visited Jean Umamusume Pretty Derby Booth. We plan to carry out colorful souvenirs for users who have been able to participate in offline events.

Creighton (representative Kim Chang) also participated in the 100 booth scale and introduces a new Battleground: News Tate, which participated in the GTA BTC tube. The company will be more enhanced by the Battleground: News Tester s original Futuristic Worldview and the Identity, and the game experience of visitor s game experiences.

Ladybug and Chat Noir and their children. Fairy tales for night from Marinette Miraculous real life
We also prepare a variety of experience programs. Battle Ground: Games Experience and Technology You can check the game performance of News Terms ▲ New Bear MBTI Zone ▲ Emory Dance Challenge ▲ You can experience a photo zone ▲ Garden shop. In addition, the battleground e-sport is the highest power of the Pub Global Championship 2021, which will support the Korean national team that played in the 2021.

Gravity (Representative Park Hyun-chul) plays a series of Ragnarök series (Ragnarök (IP). The company, which participated in a total of 100 booths, is scheduled to disclose 13 lineups, including PC Online Games Lagrange Online, ahead of the 20th anniversary.

Especially, as a major new work, MMORPG Ragnarök Begins and MMORPG Ragnarök, MMORPG Ragnarök V: Resurrection is considered. Dual Ragnarök V: Resurrection is a follow-up of Ragnarök Valkyrie s rebellion, which is the Gravity Persian. It is an expectation for next year s release. The company is a policy to prepare the game in advance to visitors who are looking for a demonstration for the Pupa period.

Attractive illustrations, a shift-up leading to Kim Hyung-tae, who has a thick fan layer at home and abroad, plays first on Gustav 2021. A total of 80 booths are scheduled to participate in Nike: victory in the current development.

Nike: The goddess of victory is a Mobile Fishing game that is the main character of Android creatures Nike to fight against mankind on the district that was disclosed by the unidentified weapon as a project: Nike. The company operates a total of 70 mobile demonstrations in a booth and operates Nike: victory Goddess. Prior to PlayStation 5 The video of another new project: Eve who collects topics is also released on the showcase, and the video fans will be revealed during the event.