Although Battlefield 2042 officially appears only on 19 November, some can play the game now in her early access to play. This includes players who are more expensive editions of the game have pre-ordered. Therefore, we know the opinion of requested Battlefield fans on the current status of the game before release. Mango summarized the biggest criticism of the players.

Anyone who follows the Battlefield communities in social media, especially recognizes six things that bother the fans of Battlefield 2,042nd These include the PC s performance, the maps, the precision of the weapons, problems with revivals, lack of chat options and poor statistical visibility for players.

These issues go beyond the general server issues also which are briefly surfaced after the start. Errors such as loading persistent data prevent partially complete the games, but even in the laps there are problems.

We tell you which is problematic especially in these aspects and how the developers have so far responded.

Note that this is an unordered list and not a ranking.

1. PC gamers have big problems with the performance

What is the problem? Battlefield 2042 is technically the start of Early Access not only with the authors of Mango a disaster. Even with the latest PC hardware, it is difficult for many players, even with low graphics settings constant FPS in the hundreds to have. Strange but true: Even in the official trailer that shows the game with ray tracing, clear frame rate dips are seen (via YouTube).

On social platforms like Twitter, Reddit and YouTube there are many voices that complain loudly about their performance in Battlefield 2,042nd

YouTuber Big fry says, DICE and EA should be ashamed of the condition of Battlefield 2,042nd (Via YouTube)
Reddit users Soulshot96 which has an Nvidia RTX 3090, writes: The performance on the PC is completely unacceptable. (Via Reddit)
cotton Gamer writes on Twitter: The FPS dips are so bad that it even your mouse sensitivity changes. (Via Twitter)

If you are working on a solution? Neither DICE nor EA have been officially expressed to the performance problems. But one can assume that the developers aware of the problem and should create future patches remedy.

It is still unclear if and when that happens. Until then, we recommend improving five settings that your performance and gameplay.

2 . The maps are too big and too empty

? What is the problem In Battlefield 2042 are on PC, Xbox and PS 5 Series X | S now possible for the franchise battles with up to 128 players. That is twice as many as before. Accordingly, the Battlefield typically have again grown significantly large maps in this game.

Upheaval, the largest map in the game is about as large as the Battle Royale map from Battlefield 5. It is also only about a third less than the Map Verdant from Call of Duty: War zone.

After the first impressions were many fans believe that the maps impress with the gigantic dimensions, but are empty.

This impression has been confirmed for players such as the German YouTuber m4xFPS for all seven maps in the game. He thinks the maps are built by design as maps for a Battle Royale, It is very, very much terrain, boring terrain, […] a lot of races for partially nothing (via YouTube).

Accordingly, the maps as a whole are too empty and spacious, which results in that Sniper and therefore are very strong very numerous. M4xFPS sometimes brings therefore the game itself even to. He can respawn directly at a point added instead of running there, and is faster back in the action. therefore, he doubts the decisions inflate the game in the dimensions that.

If you are working on a solution? Again, there is no official statement from the developers. But it is clear that this problem is a problem with the map design and not a technical. Accordingly, a solution would have to — when she comes because — very deep access and edit these maps fundamentally. That could happen, but is unlikely.

With the already announced new maps that will appear in the future, EA and DICE could but react to the feedback and offer smaller maps which are less empty.

3 . The weapons are too vague

What is the problem? have the assault rifles of Battlefield 2042 far more rebound on the first shot as a still in beta or any other Battlefield. The high recoil at the first shot means that every time you start shooting, your assault rifle very imprecise fires. Especially thanks to the large, expansive maps in Battlefield 2042 you can feel the common.

Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode - BF3, BF 1942, & Bad Company 2 Remasters Are Amazing! - Live Gameplay
This video from Reddit shows impressive:

The defective precision at the first shot in combination with the server problems ensures that the gun play with fully automatic weapons feels very spongy in many situations. It can therefore feel like a gambling, whether you meet or not.

Is worked on a solution? The senior game designer of DICE, Florian Le Behan, answered a fan on Twitter. In this tweet he says that the developers are planning to adapt the weapon precision. Specific he has not announced (via Twitter)

In the meantime, we recommend our article about the best weapon in Battlefield 2042, which is not noticeable from this problem:

4 . Players can not be revived

What is the problem? In Battlefield 2042, it is sometimes impossible to revive fallen soldiers. Even if it should be possible.

Players try to press the interaction button, which should bring the fellow player back to the legs. However, the rescue force will never be given the opportunity to start the revival. So the paramedic desperately run around a player and try to force the key request while the team member is blowing.

This problem seems to occur whenever the fallen player somehow touches a solid object like a wall. Also in Battlefield Portal, where players have the defibrillator available from the old parts and therefore instructed on no key request, this problem occurs.

An ad for fallen players, whether paramedics are nearby and how far they are missing is missing in Battlefield 2042. But this was still in Battlefield V. Players so rarely see if they can still be saved, and give up Before help can come (via Reddit).

is being worked on a solution? In the list of known problems of Battlefield 2042 shared EA, it is spoken by bulging renovations, but apparently not about this particular problem (via EA). Here, too, despite the lack of official announcement, it should be assumed that a later patch should fix this problem.

5 . You can not see many statistics

What is the problem? A very big topic on Reddit was the scoreboard. The scoreboard usually shows each player in a game, including important numbers from the respective match. This includes:

The K / D rate, so shot and death
Player Rank
Score and placement

Battlefield 2042, however, handles this differently. In addition to its own values, the scoreboard shows only the statistics of the individual squads from their own team, instead of the statistics of the individual players. How few players keep from this decision, we explain to you in the following article:

Another problem is that you have no information about your own overall statistics. Your K / D in Battlefield 2042 For example, you can now do not see anywhere.

Is worked on a solution? The developers have explained this decision with the increase in the number of players. It was difficult to accommodate 128 players in a scoreboard. However, the players do not apply, they should simply install a scrollable scoreboard. But still the developers do not seem to want to change this decision.

The missing information about the K / D Cures accounts seem to be added. A tweet of Aleksander Grendel, the executing producer of DICE, indicates that:

6 . There are too few ways to talk to other players

What is the problem? In Battlefield 2042 you can communicate with his party, his squad and his team in text chat. However, the opportunity is missing to talk to the whole server via a global chat. Also, a language chat is missing — in contrast to the beta.

Is worked on a solution? The developers have not yet come to a global text chat. In a media event you have confirmed that you want to add a language chat shortly after the release on November 19th (Via Washington Post).

Would you add something to this list? Do you think the game is already well despite the problems? Do you think it will be fine only if these problems are fixed? Or do you think, no patch can do the game well? Let s know your opinion in the comments.

Battlefield Portal seems to be the game mode so far, which really enthuses the fans. That was the case before releasing, because the corresponding website has been online for a while and works for free. We explain why portal is so popular and how the mode works.