This last year we have seen many incredible designs for the Xbox Series X, and others not so much. I think the most recent design in collaboration with Gucci definitely enters the worst list. And yes, Xbox and Gucci have allied pair to launch a personalized X series, with all two unique controls and a special case for transportation.

This collaboration will be limited only to 100 units and will be available next November 17. If you are interested in acquiring one of these Xbox Series X, then be prepared to disburse $10 thousand dollars, which translate approximately to $205 thousand Mexican pesos.

The official page of Gucci has already listed this console for your pre-sale, and yes, you will also be on sale here at Mexico, so if you really want to excel with your friends, or you have $200 thousand pesos, You already know what to do.

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Editor s note: Although the idea of ​​paying $200 thousand pesos for a console sounds like something impossible for some, surely these consoles will not last a lot in the market. Recall that you need to have some social status to be able to disburse all this money on a single exhibition, even if you believe me when I tell you that this type of product is usually sold very fast.