As the developing studio Angela Game tells you is early access version publish the MMO sandbox Myth of Empires on 18 November as on Steam. Players can expect a realistic and unforgiving setting: In ancient Asia as a venue you need interwoven the world either by forging alliances or your use of force. The player can switch between Eve and PVP servers, the so-called Counties, which are in turn connected to a main server that aggregates the different information and processed accordingly. So even are led global wars or alliances may be entered into the world with players.

Since Myth of Empires refers to real, historical circumstances, there is no fantasy elements or magic for the characters. Instead, the title is based on an immersive sandbox with extensive craft and building systems, as well as an extensive character advancement. Below you will find published by the development team Key features that Early Access version are in the disposal. For more information, inter alia on the Steam product page ready.

In spite of a relentless world of bandits, wild animals and enemy players. Satisfies your hunger with Erratum and collect resources in the world to expand to your fortress.
New surroundings: Snow-capped mountain landscapes, deserts, swamps, caves and a completely new weather system.
Sets you in intense tactical battles against your enemies to defend. Controls the direction of your blows to their power and thus the damage to enlarge.
Crafted dozens of different weapons and armor types of different stages that you will help in the battle. Forges swords, spears, halberds, axes, throwing weapons, crossbows, bows, shields, and more!
New Fauna: elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, butterflies, fish and more.
Constructed your own customized buildings and siege weapons such as ballista, catapults, trebuchets and siege ladders to enemy fortifications tear.
Recruited NPC either peacefully or by force and let them gather resources, crafting items, hunt or fight at your side. Tame horses in order to ride into battle or breed them with attributes in order to satisfy your requirements.
Eve and PVP servers are available in Asia, North America and Europe.
A guild system allows players to form groups with their friends. Works together to ward off enemy attacks, conquer the server and to rule over everything and everyone!
New gameplay and content: siege warfare at district, provincial and fortification level and an improved voice chat, a new trading system and the setting of characters.

MYTH OF EMPIRES  -  Official Launch Trailer  - New OPEN WORLD RPG & BUILDING Game 2021
To set the stage for the release of Myth of Legends in Early Access, Angela Games has released a new trailer, which the handsome backdrop (incl. Use of ray tracing and DSS) and the beginning of a siege has to content.