Boss Steiner s fight at the Lady Nightingale mission of Cod Vanguard is one of the most intense sections of the entire campaign. Trapped in a small dark room, the Nazi will stalk the room stalking. If it catches you, it s over, and running towards him to stab it will not cut it. Instead, you will have to be a little more tortuous. Here is How to beat Steiner Boss Fight in Cod Vanguard.

Defeat Steiner in Cod Vanguard

To beat Steiner, simply put yourself behind him when he is in the room and crushes behind him, then press R3 (right joystick down) to make a sangria and stab.

Doing this for the first time will make it disappear briefly, and the music will begin to reproduce. Go to the back of the room with all the mannequins and find a gramophone with music. Press Square / X to turn it off.

As soon as you do, Steiner will shoot you on the back and start chasing you again. Use the small tracking spaces around this room to quickly break the line of sight with you, but do not run under a long time since he will look down and shoot you. Keep moving until you lose, then crawl behind him and stubborn it again.

Now you will have to do this for the third time to overcome Steiner in Cod Vanguard. We hid in the corners, and then we use access spaces to escape when it was particularly effective, in addition to running around the room. By doing this, you can drag him in one direction, drag you behind him and then stabbing him down the back. Do this for the third time to complete the boss s fight.

Finish Steiner.

After stabbing, it three times, Steiner will stagger from the room and come to the ceiling. Follow the trace of blood through a small hole in the wall and then climb to the ceiling.

When he reaches it, he will see a quick scene before Petrov throws him on the ceiling, sending it a pretty cold and hard death.

Call of Duty Vanguard - Lady Nightingale: Ascend and Defeat Leo Steiner Bossfight Takedown Sequence

That s all you need to know How to beat Steiner in Cod Vanguard. To get more tips, tricks and guides, look for Cod or consult more of our coverage in the game by clicking on the links below.