Premiere in the DFB story: For the first time, a referee will lead a country of the football national team.

UEFA shared the Croatia Ivana Mortally for the World Cup qualifier on 11 November (20:45 pm / RTL) in Wolfsburg against Liechtenstein. For the 36-year-old, it is also your debut with an international men s game.

FIFA games have been directing Mortally since 2014, including two testing games of the German women s football national team against Sweden and Italy.

A novelty in men s football is not the use of Mortally. This year, women had encouraged premieres in international men s games.

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The Frenchwoman Stephanie Rampart and the Ukrainian Kateryna Consul, for example, led games in the World Cup qualifier at the end of March. In the Bundesliga Briana Stone House is the only woman who whistled men s games.

The referee team of Mortally belongs to Wolfsburg in Santa Rodjak-Krsic as an assistant another woman. At the side line is also Moran Atari. Also, the fourth official, Igor Palace, and video referee Due Truman come from Croatia.