Do you like niche games MMO?

Do you like ugly games MMO?

Do you like MMO games, which — with a very high probability — will close the servers soon due to profitability?

Because the Lands of Eldon, who took part on Steam a few days ago, fits all these categories. Unfortunately, we have to mention it or stets. If you do not look, it s still a Massively Multiplayer online game.

A half-professional product, calling himself Dark, Medieval Hack and Slash MMO.

ELDON is a dark, medieval MMO Hack and Slash game, in which you conquer the territories of other players, rebels and dark evil to gain a bravery, unlocking new abilities and powers along the way.

Start with spear, food and gunfire reasons and head up to unlock a wide range of various objects, equipment and skills that will provide you with a strategic advantage over enemies.

You will play here (Remember, however, that we warned).