The Game List for Game Pass is not the only thing that was recently revealed, since Xbox has also shared the novelties that will be available forms with Gold during this month for users of their consoles. On this occasion we find a pretty interesting selection.

In this way, between 1 and 30 November, moving out, the fun and chaotic multiplayer game, will be available for all Xbox One users. On the other hand, between November 16 and December 15, Players can download Kingdom Two Crowns, a 2D strategy and construction game, at no additional cost at Xbox One.

Xbox - November 2021 Games with Gold

Next to these titles, Rocket Knight will be available at Xbox 360 between November 1 and 15. Finally, this platform will also receive Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes from 16 to 30 of this month. As always, these four games can be enjoyed in an Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S by means of retraction.

On related topics, these are the game that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass this month, and these are those who will leave the service.

Editor s note:

Although the selection of Xbox Game Pass is always the most striking, this time Games with Gold users are at their disposal a rather striking list that, although it is not made up of AAA deliveries, it is very worthwhile.

Via: Xbox.