With the last patch Returnal a whole corner was convenient. The update added a long overdue feature that allows you the game finally interrupt can. Gone are the days when you had absolutely until the end play a Run! Now you can also easily the console off or even playing in between another game. Later, you can go on then in the same place, have stopped at her Returnal. However, there is still no manual memory function for the tricky rogue-like spectacle.

Returnal: Save game – with this trick you go

Resourceful players but found a way to circumvent the system: As reported Kotaku, we need only one cycle interrupt and then your memory data in the cloud to upload. Then you your cycle plays as usual. Should you now bite the dust, you have to finish the game and then download your stored data from the cloud. In this way you tricky spaces and Boss battles can try instead of having to start again from scratch again.
Returnal: screenshots from our test Source: PC Games That makes this trick is basically to a small cheat because he disabled the ruthless rogue-like concept of Returnal. For all those who have so far broken their teeth on the challenging action game, but it would be a welcome relief.

As good (and heavy) is Returnal

With Returnal the Finnish developer Housemarque has delivered his first AAA game. The Resogun makers stage a gloomy, often nightmarish sci-fi trip in which her crashing to the astronaut Selene on a hostile alien world and you have to hit through six dismal levels. The game is strictly designed as a Rogue-like, after each death you will again set back to the beginning of the action. Permanent upgrades do not exist, but you learn with every run new fragments of the ambiguous history know that ye composed by little like a dark puzzle. The gameplay is designed for fast, superbly playable action, again and again shine through the arcade roots of House Marque in. To the right end of Returnal (buy now € 63.99) to experience, you have the game to play through twice. We have done that. Whether the effort worthwhile, learn it in our test video review.

tips for Returnal: Our guide explains everything you need to know

Returnal is extremely economical with explanations much you have to piece together yourself. This includes some game elements that you leave beginning in the Rain: How destroyed one yellow or orange energy barriers? What power and adrenaline mean? Why do I need the sun face fragments? And how can I get valuable extra lives? To all these questions (and many more), we have answers: Take a look at our tips to Returnal in which we explain all the important terms and character values. In addition there is some support as a video guide.

Returnal soon on the PC?

So far Returnal is available only for PS5. As the exclusive title the game can be extremely graphic muscles, especially the particle effects have inspired us in the test. However, Sony has confirmed his interest in the PC significantly lately and wants to implement more exclusives in the future. After porting of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone us is next year even a PC version of God of War into the house, then to Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves follow that Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy includes. This means Returnal would be a prime candidate for a possible PC implementation. How well the game already looks on the PS5, you can watch in our gallery.

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Returnal: screenshots from our test [Source: PC Games]

Have you already played Returnal or you want it to try again by the last patch? Leave us your opinion!

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02/11/2021 11:04