After a few weeks of apparent tranquility, there are discussions again at FC Schalke 04 for coach Dimitrios Grammozis. DFB Cups director Rouven Schröder relates to the explosive topic.

Two mandatory defeats in a row in the DFB Cup at third division 1860 Munich as well as in the 2nd Bundesliga at the 1st FC Heidenheim, the doubts about Dimitrios Grammozis have allegedly growing again at FC Schalke 04. From internal criticism to the chief coach of the Bundesliga relegated as well as even a plan b in the coach question is the speech.

At least publicly, DFB Cup director Rouven Schröder wants to know nothing of thought games. We do not talk about the coach, we re talking together. We are not satisfied and critical, without putting the big whole question, said the 46-year-old in a media round. He wool keep the rest and not lit from negative vibrations.

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FC Schalke 04 Not the overuse

Allegations, Grammozis has coated in Munich with his rotation and thus causes the bitter cup-out, Schröder contradicted: I do not apply that at all. It was not on two or three rotations, we were faulty as a group.

Schalke is not the over-team that plays everything in the ground and floor, the S04 manager made it clear. The second row must demand the first to go to the performance limit.

For the upcoming second division with Grammozis ex-club Darmstadt 98 Schröder took both coaches and the team in the duty: We now have to draw the right conclusions to be successful against Darmstadt. We want to continue to be greedy and so many points like Collect possible.

Fans of FC Schalke 04 Partly dissatisfied

Even during Schalke s winning streak with four gained games in a row, he saw not only positive but partly negative things, said Schröder. Currently we are with 22 points of third parties. Three months ago we would have been very satisfied with this yield.

Schalke s fans who demanded a good sense for the situation in the social networks after the Heidenheim game in large numbers of Grammozis dismissal, praised Schröder. They are partly dissatisfied, after the game in Heidenheim, the Fankurve was still very positive. Of course we put our criticism after playing in which it did not go round.