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Ex Rapidler Philipp Prosik signs at SC Himberg in the 7th League

Club Football League Competitions Explained! | Which League To Follow as a New Fan? Football 101 #1
The football trip from Philipp Profit continues. The center runner signs at the SC Him berg in the Lower Austrian 1st Class East (7th League). I just want to have the fun of football and help the SC Him berg athletic. I am looking forward to working with the coach and the team, says the 28-year-old. Profit Last Kick at Siegendorf, but had been a club since summer. Previously, the Viennese kicked for the FAC, SV Matters burg, SV Raid, Rapid Vienna and the Hoffberger AC. Articles and videos about the topic Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. Abroad, he went through the junior departments of Chelsea and Milan. Profit scored 15 goals in 86 Bundesliga lots.

Quick the Harry Potter advent calendar is 30 much less for the Cyber Monday Lego deals

This Harry Potter advent calendar is better than delicious chocolate ones, as well as it’s 30% much less for the Cyber Monday Lego offers. OK, so I understand that’s a controversial method to begin. But begin. Attempt telling me this Lego Harry Potter advent calendar isn’t lovable. You can presently obtain it for 30% much less in the UK (₤ 17.49 from as opposed to practically ₤ 25) or at a 20% price cut using Amazon US (where it’s $31.97 as opposed to almost $40).

Since the Lego Harry Potter advent calendar has actually been sweeping in as well as out of supply all weekend break throughout this year’s Cyber Monday Lego bargains, it’s worth pouncing on currently while you have actually got a possibility — it probably will not stick around for long, particularly in the UK.

Today’s ideal Lego offer

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar|₤ 24.99.

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390) - 2021 Set Review
Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar| ~ ~ ₤ 24.99 ~ ~ ₤ 17.49 at
Intend to choose a slightly different advent calendar this year? Lego’s included in their already-extensive lineup of alternatives with a set that includes fun little minifies like Grip hook the spirit to opt for Harry, Ron, Hermione, as well as Draco.
~ ~ ~ ~.

View Offer.

Due to the fact that it’s modelled around The Philosopher’s Stone (or The Sorcerer’s Rock, if you’re based throughout the fishpond), you’re getting plenty of referrals to that step in this Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar. Together with famous props like the magic wall to Dragon Street, it additionally features the Gringos mine-cart to select Harry in his original costume, Hermione, Ron, Draco, and also Dudley pre-pig tail. You also get Grip hook the spirit as well as Hedwig, Harry’s owl. It’s a really adorable set that’s one of the far better Cyber Monday Lego deals until now.

More these day’s best Cyber Monday bargains.

Amazon: Big price cuts of 40% or even more throughout video games and also equipment.
The Finest Buy: Free $50 gift card with Oculus Mission 2.
Dell: Up to 36% off Alien ware, XPS, as well as Inspired.
Disney Plus: Get 12 months for the cost of 10.
Walmart: Oculus Quest 2 with FREE bring case.
Target: Discount rates of approximately 60% on games and also $20 off Video game Pass.
New egg: RTX 3080 gaming laptop computers from $1,799.
Microsoft: As much as 67% off video games and 40% off devices.
B & H Image: Samsung storage approximately $110 off.
HP: Save approximately 77% across technology in the Cyber Monday sale.
Samsung: Decreases of $1,700 or more on 8K and LED Televisions.
Verizon: As much as $1,200 off 5G phones with trade-in.

Concordia Hamburg does not pack against TuS Dassendorf

The HSV Barber Uhlenhorst needed a victory at the bottom of BRAMFELDER SV, to stay in place five halfway Franz. First, it looked that BU would supply, Jane sank a rebound in the 9th minute after a free kick. The guests after a compact defensive out, Weizmann headed a free-kick edge after 23 minutes to the 2-0 in the net. The BSV knew little to start with his possession, the more surprising that Werner met in the 38th minute from a half-right position to the connection. And it came even thicker: Barber’s goalkeeper heath slipped a ball from his hands just before the halftime, Oil rich dusted to 2: 2. A neck strike, but at the breaking of the final quarters, it looked so that BU could iron out this Dell. Grade ran in the 74th minute on Brambles Cover Talk, playing him and pushed one to 3: 2. But then Erich slapped again in the 86th minute and secured the BSV the home counter.

In very different spheres, the Us Dusseldorf, which is still without defeat, floats and also victorious in the ambitious Concordia Hamburg. Due to a hard-to-play place, the first half hour on both sides was mistaken, marriage ex-pro-Harnik in the 34th minute welded a Carolus template worth seeing in the mesh. Cord remained on the pusher, but awarded one or the other grand chance to compensation. The powder in the 90th minute: Tug did not manage to beat the ball from his own sixteen, Carolus grabbed the ball, served the substitute Dietrich with a cross pass, and it was the lid.

Two course references and six hits

On Saturday, the USC Paloma consolidated his place in the upper ranks at the Hairdryer SV. At the 4: 2 broke leg after a corner on the short post by head the spell (23rd). But the table penultimate presented himself as a rescued opponent and rewarded himself for his morality with the 1: 1 by ILIA (31.). But Krause replied four minutes later, when a head of header ended with him on the second post. In the second half it was again leg, who sat in the 57th minute the next exclamation mark of the USC Paloma: a rebound of MSV-goalkeepart Honda he pressed over the line. Then both clubs had to cope with placements within three minutes: At Paloma Cabin went to Foul and on the other side Martins Fernandes after hand with yellow-red. Merle increased in the 80th minute by head on 4: 1, Zimmermann shortened in the 90th minute from a short distance to the 2: 4.

Concordia Hamburg - TuS Dassendorf (19:30 ; 26.11.2021)

On Sunday, it looked for a long time that the SV Cur slack Neuengamme with a surprise victory in the table-second TSV Basel could go a big step towards the rise round. After school ring in the 25th minute the 1: 0 shot and Easels Ellerbrock with one own goal the 2-0 control (51.), the momentum was on the part of the SVEN. But then the TSV got the second air, Jean-Lucas Ger ken succeeded a faster double strike (56./67.), Jesse took the game even completely in the 77th minute.

Saarbr ckens Koschinat praises Joker Highly positive

We talked about the finish line halftime, said Koschinat after the 2-0 victory of his 1st FCS against Viktoria Berlin at Magenta Sport. In the first half, Berlin has prepared great problems. We are a lot going on and used an outstanding goalkeeper so as not to go back.

Koschinat was forced to make changes: We have switched to triple bread and pulled a player more in midfield as a PlayStation to get more playing culture. At the same time his team had retreated: We told us: Okay, we meet a game-strong opponent, we counter it. That worked outstanding.

Two late gates of Tobias Janice (79.) and Maurice Seville (85th) finally caused the 2-0 victory of the Saarbrücken. That with Seville a joker hit and with Justin Steinkötter another substitute player bodied both assists, the coach agreed: More pressure on the coach than through such actions and services is not. This is highly positive for the team, he praised the Energy from the bank.

Music despite the defeat proud

Viktoria trainer Benedetto Pizzicato resembled in his analysis Koschinat: We have to go in the first half in the first half. For the boys I’m sorry, that’s just not deserving, but in the end, it’s just the effectiveness in football.

The coach of the climber was annoyed that at least at Saarbrücken had not suffered at least one point, but looked positive for the first round to end: I am proud of what we have shown here in the 17 games. 22 points Collected the Viktoria so far.

Viktoria Berlin: Der sympathische Aufsteiger gibt seine Visitenkarte in Saarbrücken ab
Three games, the Berliners still have to complete the Berlin year in this calendar year. Then winter break is, and then we have to see how we can change something — maybe personally to get some laughing. Turkic Munich, SV Happen and Viktoria Cologne are still waiting for Berlin before the turn of the year.

Final Retaining Guide Fantasy XIV

If you are going to play Final Fantasy XIV, then you want to have retains. These useful companions are essential to earn money, get minions and acquire items. Unfortunately, many players, especially when they are newer, do not take advantage of the retainer system, leaving them selling items for almost anything and without benefiting from the items that retainers can bring back from companies.

How to get a retainer Final Fantasy XIV

To begin with, you can not simply log in to the game for the first time and magically acquire a retainer. You will need the level 17 «Scions of the Seventh Dawn». This can be done within a few hours of playing the game.

Once you have completed the mission, simply go to UL’day, Goiania or Lima Louisa. You should talk to the city’s voyage retainer to hire your retainer.

You can customize your retainer, and you can have two at a time. If you want more retainers, you can go to the DOG station to pay an additional fee. You can have up to seven retainers in the game. When you want to summon your retainer, you just have to touch the bell located next to the market boards in the game.

This is for what the retainers can be used:

Storage of perfect and excess Gil.
Be sent to companies to find articles.
Selling items on the market board to make Gil extra.

You can store up to 175 types of items with your retainer, which leaves you a lot of space to acquire new equipment. In addition, retainers are a popular option for a savings account, especially for players who seek to make a bigger purchase as a housing plot.

Earn money on the market board

Now that it has a retainer, you can start selling additional material at Market Board. To do this, you will want to place items in your retainer inventory and select Selling items from there or select what to add to your sales list of your inventory. Here are some quick tips to earn money in the market:

Do not waste your time selling scrap items; In general, these are items with a low price that are easy to get.
Always check how much an article is sold when deciding the price.
Do not increase the price; We know that it took you a little more than normal to cultivate that SEASHELL bench, but that does not mean that it is worth a million Gil.
Refer to every day if your item has not been sold to change the price of the items.
If you want to earn extra money quickly, then it enters a craft trade; The furniture market for housing is always booming and healthy.

FFXIV: Retainers and How to Use and Abuse Them

If an item is sold while it is online, a notification will appear on your screen. Keep in mind that you will be charged a fee for the items that you sell successfully. You can withdraw your GIL at any time by selecting the option when talking with your retainer.

retainer ventures and what they do

Entrepreneurs are a way for your retainers to obtain materials for you. You can assign your servant to any kind where you have played and equip them with equipment. You will need to have a currency called ventures that can be purchased in its great company to which it belongs. Once your retainer is sent to a company, you can bring back the items associated with that kind of class. For example, Disciples of War Magic will bring monster booty, while Fishers will bring fish.

As your retainer is sent to companies, level will rise. Level Upload companies with higher level and a better booty. While collection will help a lot, one of the most popular reasons why players use companies is to try to obtain the exclusive minions that come from them.

List of retention companies:

Class | Company name | Henchman

Fisherman | Exploration of Rivera XIV, XV and XVI | Fat cat
Disciple of the magic of war | XX field exploration | BOM Book.
Miner | Exploration of highlands XXII | Koala Joey.
Disciple of the magic of war | XXV field exploration | Mystical weapon
Disciple of the magic of war | XXII field exploration | Doll Ten.
Disciple of the magic of war | XIII field exploration | Minute Windflower.
Fisherman | Ribeira Exploration XXII | Axolotl EFT.
Fisherman | Riparian exploration XVIII | Gestapo.
Miner | Exploration of highlands XXV | Hobgoblin of rope.
Miner | Exploration of the highlands XIV | Miniature Mine cart.
Botanical | Exploration of forest XXV | Bacon pieces.

Disciple of the magic of war


Camp exploration XIX to XXI
Exploration of the Highlands XIX to XXI
Exploration of XIX forest at XXI

| Strange otter Botanical | Exploration of forest XV | Small foot Fisherman | Exploration by Water XXV | Domain. Miner | Exploration of highlands XXII | Makeshift. Disciple of the magic of war | Field exploration XIV | Little Tapir. The retainer subjects are extremely difficult to get, so you should expect to spend a lot of time waiting for them to find them. The retention companies are timed using the real world time, so they can spend a few weeks before you are lucky enough to get your favorite weekend. more Final Fantasy XIV Guides

Pok mon Diamant Pearl Your criticism causes deaf ears

After years of criticism, The Pokémon Company comments on one of the most important points of the community. In an interview, they clearly ask them: they hear what the game ship has to say, but make their games anywhere else for different reasons.

The BIG Problem with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

Pokémon: Diamante & Pearl in criticism

Every year, the Pokémon Company brings another game, or a remake, for monster collectors on the market. And every year, it hails criticism. If it does not go around the graphics or the technical aspects, long-term fans focus mainly on one: Pokémon games should finally become adults — both in the plot, and in difficulty.

The latter was recently discussed again. In Pokémon Bright Diamond & Luminous Pearl, which appeared on 19 November, the EP divider will be imposed. So you get your Pokémon faster, and you have to train less. That did not like that.

EIN trailer for the controversial Pokémon remake you can see here:

The Pokémon Company wants to find a balance

Now no one answers less than J.C. Smith, The Director for Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company, to speak. He is responsible for the fact that the games and individual Pokémon are marketed purposefully. Now he confirms in a conversation with Axis Gaming that the complaints and wishes of adult contents are known. However, the company must find a compromise:

We hear [the criticism]. And I think the developers definitely understand that there is a desire for something. But we are trying to focus that the core of the game is made accessible to everyone.

He also says that the demands of the fans are very clear, but the developers have their own vision. It must always be found a balance between the two sides.

The hard feedback of the community is the developers of Game Freak meanwhile used :

We have a group of Creator and professionals at the Pokémon Company who have already seen much — many have seen and heard. They have a thicker coat than most people because they had to listen too much.

(Source: Axis)

Opinion of Nathan Navrotzki

Unpopular opinion, but: maybe the developing or the Pokémon Company no longer likes to listen to the community because they are now simply hardened. Constant criticism, especially the harsh sound, the fans often strike, hits deaf ears at some point. And as long as the games are still selling as cut bread, The Pokémon Company will probably not change their course.

My request to the fans: Criticism comment is okay, but please be without falling — behind the games stuck real people. Just does not buy and sets a sign.

My request to The Pokémon Company: Different levels of difficulty and optional EP divisors would face many. That does not change the child-friendly nature of the games, is just a bit more effort you could do.

SV Meppen in W rzburg Schmitt has a purchase

The SV Happen nests in the front in the table. Relegation rank Three is the best placement since the rise of 2017. The team has set the club record in the 3rd league with four wins in a row and shown a new quality at the 4-0 against Viktoria Cologne: We got the maximum with a few opportunities, SCHMITT said.

Deniz Undav Best of 2020/21 || Ex-Löwen

A double wedding drop for the coach: he has to do without the left-back Max Dombrowka and midfielder Ole Bauer in Würzburg on Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At Max Dombrowka), which are locked after the fifth yellow card. Schmitt, who stresses that not only the first eleven players are important, but the entire squad, is sure that the SLANDER can compensate for the failure of the family forces: A purchase for the next days.

Furthermore, Hilo Ledgers and Keeper Constantin are missing from Frogman, which are both in construction training. In Würzburg is not available to Jonas Fell (muscular problems), Yannick See (slight problems on the ankle), Marcus Posse (irritation knee joint) and David Black (construction training on calving injury).

We can not be fooled by the current table space

While Happen is after four wins in series of third parties, the Würzburg Max Dombrowkas are still penultimate since the coach change but on the rise: In the last four games, the shrunken remained unbeaten. We can not be fooled from the current table space. The quality of the team is enormous. This has been clearly seen at the last results, said Schmitt before departure to Würzburg on Friday afternoon.

Hide needs his team, currently in top form, but not: Of course we drive with a good feeling and great self-confidence to Würzburg and want to continue points. Despite the many failures, we start with a strong team, in which the inner atmosphere is very well is, the coach betrayed.

FC Schalke 2G rule in the stadium

Since this Wednesday, North Rhine-Westphalia has also been a new Corona Protection Ordinance in the largest German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This includes, for example, that the football matches of BVB, VFL Bochum, 1. FC Cologne, FC Schalke 04 and all other NRW clubs may only be visited by vaccinated or recessed. Second division S04 has therefore now considered something for the part of his followers, which the 2G rules do not currently fulfill.

On Wednesday, the club from Gelsenkirchen published, as he wanted for the two outstanding home games in the 2nd Bundesliga against the SV Tannhauser (27 November) and the 1st FC Nuremberg (December 10).

In writing to his followers, the club first expressly clearly stated according to the recent Coronaschvo: If you have not yet taken any vaccination offer, the two remaining home games will definitely not be able to visit.

The Home of Schalke 04 - An Incredible Look at an Incredible Stadium
The affected part of the Schalke trademarks, which have been avoided until the last time, offered the S04 to suspend their season tickets for the two games.

The money for the two-mentioned home games in the Melting Arena would be fully reimbursed, the royal blue on their club hot page continued to lead.

FC Schalke: Even day tickets will be refunded

Of all too much bureaucracy and correspondence should be apart. It is rich a formless mail with the reimbursement of entrance fees for the two games, an explicit examination of the vaccination status will not exist by Schalke side in this case. The S04 trusts that Schalke are honest with each other, said it in the club message.

Even day cardholders who have already acquired tickets for the home game against the SV Tannhauser, but now not allowed to come to the Melting Arena due to the tightened 2G rule, the tickets can be returned with full reimbursement of the purchase price, it continued.

In the future, a drastic reduction of audience capacities in the future could in-drink, the club explicitly did not want to exclude and referred to the decision-making of the state government in NRW.

David Alaba a theft of the century Spanish press teases FC Bayern Munich

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HOW good is ALABA's Real Madrid KNOWLEDGE?
David Alba has been celebrated by the Spanish press for his performance in the victory of Real Madrid in the Champions League against Sheriff Parasol. He continues to grow in the team. Both in the defensive and hierarchy, wrote the Spanish MARCH and put a side block towards Bayern Munich: Madrid has committed him to pay him without paying to Bavaria… the theft of the century. Articles and videos about the topic Haller to Foreword: I want to shoot more RB shooting party — Alba and Crews meeting Experience the Champions League live on DAZN. Register now! David Alba had left FC Bayern in the summer after 13 years in the club and changed release to Real Madrid. In 17 competitive games, he was already involved in five hits directly (two goals, three templates).

Valheim obtains a new spot plus teasers for Mistlands and also Caves

This article provides the list of personalities in the American television series Game of Thrones, adapted from medieval dream novels written by George R. R. Martin. The collection takes place in a fictitious world and also narrates the power has a hard time for the control of the iron throne on the continents of ESSS and Westeros in between noble rival clans and also their allegiances. For scenarist reasons, the names, descriptions and also characters of the characters may vary substantially from those described in the books, some having actually also been created for the demands of the series while others show up only in the novels. The distribution is made up of several hundred actors — essentially British or Irish —, as well as is taken into consideration among the most provided distributions in the history of TV.

VALHEIM NEW UPDATE! New Armor And New Creature! Caves And Mistland Progress Plus Fixes!
Iron Gate are flaunting even more of what’s to come with the next major upgrade for Latham, together with a small content patch. First up we have spot 0.205.5 which is out currently as well as it consists of a new armor collection, in addition to something stirring in the swamps — oh no, it’s terrifying enough.

They additionally revealed an intro of this brand-new armor set:

Okay, that looks pretty glossy.

There’s also a new auto-complete choice to help go into console commands and also these bug fixes:

Dealt with network problem when grabbing things that simply auto-stacked

Place songs shift solutions

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Swamps music volume modify
Some player animation shift solutions
Monsters wakes up if struck by a varied attack
Jump animation concern fixed

You’re all right here for the brand-new biome updates though right? Well, right here’s a shot of the Mist lands with a note from the designer that The landscape is beginning to materialize and also the mist itself has actually started to roll in, however what hides there still continues to be unidentified….

When it comes to the mountains getting Caves, well, they likewise teased that we’re dealing with caverns for the Hill biome, and also they may or might not have some lupine citizens… with this shot:.

Latham is offered to purchase on Humble Shop or Steam.

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