In the Ardenwald of WoW: Shadowlands, diligent adventurers of NPC expects players, which they freed from a giggling basket as part of the Ardenwald campaign. The story to the Spriggan, which starts her at the oldest Gwenna in the north of the Ardenwald at the coordinates 59/24, also includes the part Who does not play that does not win.

And who does not read attentively, what the playful trickser told in the context of this quest, who probably will not understand the task. Or maybe you just do not like to move your brain lock? Is okay too! That s why we have this short guide to who does not play that does not win for you!

Who does not play who does not win – uses emotes!

If you have not come to it yet: You have to take the trickser to the goal and then trigger emotes to your texts, ie over / commands in the chat. You have to react five times correctly, then the quest counts as done. Attention: Lines of the playful trickser can repeat yourself, so you will not see the right order, because that does not exist. The things that the trickser says are played in a random sequence.

Here are the emotes that you use in the important statements of the individual sayings:

/ Prices (/ Praise)
[…] Nobody praises our actions! HMPF!

/ introduce or / bow (/ introduce or / bow)

[…] The idea plays an important role in the first impression!

/ Thanks (/ thank)
[…] some ask for permission and thank us always for our effort.

/ strong (/ strong)
[…] How strong he has to have been!

/ Dancing (/ Dance)
Oh, my legs twitch almost with excitement. I could dance forever. Dances with me!

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/ cheer (/ cheer)
[…] The other Spriggans cheered me for days!

So the best suits the final sentences of the trickser and you should have done the quest (unlike so many things on the hose member of the editorial) have done quickly. Have fun! A thanks a naturally to Wowhead users Thiondar.

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