Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a game on Nintendo DS released in France on April 13, 2007. This is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Cing and edited by Nintendo. The game had a suite with a new Last Window story: the secret of Cape West.

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I m worried about this project. This time, David Szymanski Development, Retro-style action puzzle released on October 23 for PC Delivers a mini-in-tavy to developers.

This work is a retro style action puzzle that is the last day of the retro style FPS DUSK released in 2018. The action aims to break through 30 stages while thinking carefully because of the turn system. There is also a map editor, and it is also possible to create your own stage. At the time of article writing, it is not Japanese.

DUSK 82: Ultimate Edition is delivered for 720 yen.

  • First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

David Szymanski (hereinafter DAVID) Hello. David Szymanski! I have made a lot of games so far, but probably DUSK will be the most famous for the game I made. My most favorite game is shaking between DOOM (1993) and S. T. A. L. K.e.r.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

-Why did you start developing this work?

David I founded the opportunity to play a lot of played games again when I was a child called Chip s Challenge, and I noticed that there is an element that there was no faded element. The basic part is now fun and crazy. I started thinking about making a 2D puzzle, and at the same time, I played in the middle of the 2000s and remembered some of the games I had made myself using Microsoft QBASIC. The title that was particularly impressive was a small ASCII game Dark Woods. I went to my own roots and decided to make a very simple puzzle game while using the ideas of these two games. Then, it was a natural flow to make the spin-off work of DUSK.

  • Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

DAVID This work is what the title means itself. It was said that DUSK was a puzzle game in the 80 s (add contemporary freedom to a modern freedom). I wanted to leave the action element of DUSK, so I killed a lot of enemies and avoid flying attacks, making the back of the enemy, and explode various things, so-called DUSK. I have a lot of people. However, all of them are re-designed and are strategic to solve a more logical puzzle. This work will be a game that meets very niche needs. Although the puzzle is solved, it is the main part, but some of the battle and stage search elements are. And I will also get a sense of the 2D version DUSK of slow motion.

  • What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

David This work is intentionally a slow-paced game that can play with family. Any age, even if you are good at the game, you can enjoy it. I think that I would like to have a good opportunity to know DUSK, as well as a fun spin-off work for fans that are already..

  • Is there anything that has been affected by this work?

Two major David affected are Chip s Challenge and Dark Woods as mentioned above. Some enemy movements are Dark Woods as it is. Also, the overall visual style is also similar to many ASCII games as bright colors and black. Chip s Challenge affects the entire design of this work. Many simple rules were mixed and I was able to make various funny challenges.

  • Is there any plan to support Japanese work?

David There is no plan at this time, but I do not know what will happen in the future!

  • Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

David I also worked remotely since the new Corona, so I did not have the impact on development. Of course there was an impact on mood.

  • Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

If It Were Not Filmed No One Would Believe It

David Of course! I am a supporter of the ecosystem that produces the game and the distributor. It will be helpful if you do a lot!

  • Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Thank you for your interest in David. If there is an opportunity to play this work, I m glad if you enjoy it!

–thank you very much.

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