We can rarely take us completely free cosmetics at fortnite, and when they give it you, you have to classify among the first on each of the servers if you want to have that opportunity, but now you can take the rainbowalist costume if complete A series of challenges, but you will have to look for a good companion.

Now in Fortnite we have a particular event where during a limited time we can recommend to a friend, play some games in duos or squadrons, and take a lot of rewards.

While we can take a lot of rewards with the Event of Recommend to a friend in Fortnite season 8, the truth is that the idea is that we reach the rainbow motorist that everyone will want to achieve.

Get free Skin Rainbow Motorist in Fortnite

Celebration date

It should be clarified that it is an event that is available from October 25 and we will have until November 15 to recommend to friends, and until January 10 to dispute the games together and take the rewards.

How to check in at the event

You must visit the website enabled on recommendation to a friend
Now simply log in with your Epic Games account with which you play to Fortnite
After logging and you can invite an eligible friend for the program
Now you just have to wait for your friend to accept the invitation
Once you have accepted the invitation, you have until January 10 to play games with you or your friends to take you rewards.

Requirements for the event

You must be clear that you can only recommend to a friend who has played less than 120 minutes to Fortnite in the last 30 days, or who is a completely new player.

all the challenges of the event recommends a friend

Add a friend and you will take the gridlock loading screen
Play a game with a friend and you will take a miridiscalent weapon envelope
If you end up in the Top 10 three times with that friend you will take the banker Flair Fare
If you delete 10 opponents with that friend you will take the peak of the transmission shaft
If you and your friend earn 60 account levels when playing the different games before the event is finished on January 10, you will take the rainbow automobile design

Remember that all your challenges with your friends must be completed in duos, trios or squadrons.

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