The group behind Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has established up a phony phone number for fans to contact Amanda Waller to promote the forthcoming game.

Released to the general public in a cryptic tweet, the main Self-destruction Team: Kill the Justice League Twitter account shared a mystical contact number with the inscription Waller s got one more message for you.

+1 (310) 564-7047October 13, 2021

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According to Video Game Tirade, upon calling the number, fans will be placed with to a pre-recorded message from Amanda Waller that charges you of being Harley Quinn making a trick telephone call.

I know this is you, Harley, Waller says, I have offered you weapons, resources, and full sign-off to execute the Justice League and also you re below spending my time on trick phone calls? Stop screwing around and take the targets down. Now!

Calling the number a number of times really gives you a different reaction, as one Twitter user responded to the original tweet with a video of them calling the same number that sounds as if Waller is now talking with Deadshot as well as informing him to kill the Justice League by any ways essential.

For those not wishing to waste their minutes on a phony phone call, there is an option to message the phone number, which will obviously result in Amanda Waller replying and asking if you have A.R.G.U.S clearance as well as an offering link to sign up with a community group that ll provide you updates regarding the game prior to its release.

Rocksteady s upcoming Self-destruction Team game was initial exposed at DC Fandome in 2020 where we obtained our first trailer for the video game. The bright side is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League results from appear at this year s DC Fandome which is occurring this weekend break.

We re yet to get a launch day for this game however it is due at some time in 2022 as well as will certainly be readily available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and also computer.