Sega October 13th, Basic Play Free Online Action RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 New Jenesis (PSO2 NGS) , and various classes and new quest types I implemented a new element.

New class Bouncer appeared

A new class Bouncer that handles dual blades that attacks with the blade of the generated photon and the dual blade that attack with the blade of the generated photon is newly added. The characteristics change in the PA button long press or pressed again in the photon arts.

New type quest Battardia implementation

If you are defeating Enemy, you set five dedicated key Battle Triggers that you can get rarely, and a new type of quest that can be started from the special terminal Trigger Portal appeared. A high degree of experience with a large amount of experience and reinforcing materials, a stronger Battardia: Yellow , and a continuously emerging Gigantics can be used within the time limit Battaldia: Purple is available.

Emergency quest resource mining rig defense battle: Airio added Wave 7 or later

Emergency quests that occur in Central Aerio Resource mining rig defense battle: Aerio , and more fierce attack will continue WAVE7 or later! UI also changes to a new display that is easy to grasp the warship.

New Feature Mission Pass appearing Various rewards appeared

PSO2 has the same thing, and mugs that can be changed to see the mug, stamps and accessories, and mission paths of a season update that can be obtained in other species.

To progress the path, you will earn Star by clearing the set task and rising Tear . You can earn a reward accordingly.

In addition, there are two lines of regular compensation and gold reward, and N-mission gold path is necessary to obtain gold reward. With this N-Mission Gold Path , with the holding of the Mission Pass Delivery Commemorative Campaign, All members are presented in the period during the period before the start of maintenance from October 13 to November 3rd is.

In addition, various elements such as special scratches, new AC scratches, SG scratch new items, normal color variants weapons, and new special abilities have appeared. Specifically, please check the official site.

PSO2 NGS that continues expanding content planes is for PC / PS4 / Nintendose switch (cloud) for domestic and basic play free delivery.

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