We arrived at a very special week at Fortnite Missions 8 , because in addition to the new characters that the different perforated card missions offer us, we also have those of nightmare before the storm , the Halloween event that mixes with some of the challenges of the cards.

And is that the expected events of Halloween 2021 for fortnite season 8 , known as a nightmare before the storm, invite us, among other things, to complete the perforated card of Jonesy Dark and also the perforated card of monsters hunting of Ariana Grande, and we give you the solution of all.

So in this guide we not only tell you how to complete all the perforated card missions this week in Fortnite, but also the nightmare before the storm that is related to them.

Fortnite Season 8: Missions of Ariana Grande and Jonesy Dark (nightmare before the storm)

All the missions of Fortnite Nightmare before the storm

Complete a nightmare mission before the storm and you will take you as a reward a graffiti curse curse
Complete two nightmare missions before the storm and you will take a loading screen of the moonlight duel
Complete three nightmare missions before the storm and you will take you as a reward a stela furious escape

Complete the perforated Oracle word word card from Jonesy Dark to take you as a reward a delta cubic fall

We find this character in angry accumulations more or less in the central zone even if it is moving.

This is the solution to all these missions of Jonesy Dark:

Gather scrolls in different bases of the IO (2)

We must get two parchments in the different Bases of the OI, and all scrolls are scattered randomly on the ground, in general on the ground floor of these areas.

uses a shade stone and recovers the spiritual urn

We must use a shade stone that we find and in that state of shade you have to interact later with the pertinent spiritual urn.

To find the shade stone you can go to any area of ​​remnants of the nodriza ship and we will find several of these elements on the ground. Once we have used the shadow cube to become a shadow, we must interact with the spiritual urn of the area.

The areas where the spiritual urn appears are the following:

Touch a cube

Basically we must touch that golden bucket that is located in the center of the map to complete the mission.

Destroy the corruption cumulus and all fragments of corruption (2)

You have to go to the map points where the different corruption clusters appear and solve the small puzzle. They are in these areas of the map:

Basically to destroy the cumulus of corruption you have to shoot the purple rock that you locate on the floor and to destroy the fragments of corruption you have to use the peak as soon as they leave the earth.

Returns the spiritual urn to the oracle to hear his vision

You have to speak with Jonesy Dark that is located in angry accumulations and exhaust all dialogue options to listen to his vision, and we will complete the challenge.

Complete the Perforated Monster Hunting Card from Ariana Grande to take you as a reward a Chitanieves collection tool

We find this NPC in Costa Cárista.

The solution of the challenges of Ariana Grande are the following:

Get a disc and place it on a mixer (2)

The areas where we can take a disc and place it on a mixer are the following:

Ski Appears We just entered, and on the first floor we will locate the disk box next to the mixer
In Costa Creepy, we must go to the first floor of the building that is just west of the hotel 23, and locate the disk box next to the mixer
Finally Ciudad Comercio you must leave right next to the water tank located on the southeast and we will locate the disk box and the mixed table together

examines sentinel traces (2)

We must simply examine two traces, although we have a lot along the map. The location of all the traces on the map is as follows:

collects symbols of cube monsters eliminated (5)

You have to get five symbols of cube monsters by eliminating them in the area of ​​El Parallel.

The best thing is that you go to the parallel directly seeing what situation of the map is at the beginning of the game, and it is that orange bubble. When we arrive, we have to pick up the white crystals that are going to release the different monsters of the cube while we are eliminating them.

Reveals the command symbol

To unveil a command symbol we must go any of these locations:

When you reach one of these areas you should locate a kind of purple object in the center next to three pivots. When we get closer they will reveal different holograms that we must imitate with different gestures or movements with the character. If we have done well, we can already interact with the object that appears in the center to pick it up and complete the mission.

Lanzar warning flares

We must launch a total of three warning flares and we can find them in the different areas of the map:

Nightmare missions before the storm

collects candy (15)

You must pick up a total of 15 candies and we will find them very easy because there are a lot of them, specifically in the different cubes of candies in those areas where Halloween decoration, especially are Pliestro Park, numbern pools or city trade.

flies and land with a witch broom (5)

You have to find a witch broom and then fly with it and land a total of five occasions.

It is very easy to find these witch brooms and you will locate them by the floor randomly while the Halloween event lasts.

Eliminates an opponent with a launchbaze

You have to eliminate an enemy with a launched launcher, and we will find them during the celebration of the Halloween event randomly on the map.

So with this you already have the solution to all the perforated card missions this week in Fortnite season 8 and also the nightmare missions before the storm.

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