Batman (initially known as Bat-Man and in Spanish as Murciélago man) is a comic character created by the Americans Bob Kane and Bill Finger, [13] and owned by DC Comics. He first appeared in the history entitled The case of the Chemical Union of Detective Comics No. 27, launched by Editorial National Publications on March 30, 1939.
The secret identity of Batman is Bruce Wayne (Bruno Díaz in some Spanish-speaking countries), [14] [15] [16] A multi-millionaire Empresarial Magnate and Philantropo business owner in Gotham City. After witnessing the murder of his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne in a violent and failed assault when he was a child, he swore revenge against criminals, a moderate oath by the sense of justice. Bruce Wayne is trained physically and intellectually and creates a suit inspired by bats to fight the crime, with his batcinturon combat gadgets and his vehicles. [17]
Unlike superheroes, he has no superpowers: he resorts to the intellect of him, as well as scientific and technological applications to create weapons and tools with which he carries out his activities. He lives in the Wayne Mansion, in whose underground is the BatCueva, the Batman Operations Center. He receives the constant help of other allies, including Robin, Batgirl (subsequently Oracle), Nightwing, the Commissioner of the Local Police, James Gordon, and the steward of him Alfred Pennyworth. A great variety of villains make up the Batman Gallery, including the Archienemigo, the Joker.
He is one of the most emblematic characters of DC Comics. Given his good acceptance, he obtained his own magazine in 1940. Three years later, Columbia Pictures premiered the first adaptation for television of the character, which followed the Batman and Robin series, in 1949. In the mid-1960s, Another series titled Batman was launched, which used a Camp concept that ended up away from his somber tone with which he was originally conceived. Later, the writers Dennis O Neil, Neal Adams and Frank Miller produced new material written on the Batman Universe between the 1970s and 1980s, retaking the original design and elements of the franchise. It is considered that the homonymous film of Tim Burton, premiered in 1989, played an important role in the contemporary popularity of the Murciélago man, as well as the series of films initiated with Batman Begins in 2005, directed by Christopher Nolan. [18] Of the previous productions, there are several others in which the character and its elements have been incorporated. Actor Ben Affleck interprets him in the movies of the extended universe of DC Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), suicidal squad (2016) and Justice League (2017).

Yesterday I played DC Fandome, the annual event to present the things that are coming from Batman and company. And there were Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady, of course, to show a new trailer of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League .

We continue without gameplay , without being able to see exactly how cooperative combats and gender mixing work – «Action, Adventure and Shooter », said from the publisher when announcing the project, just one year ago-, but I guess it s hard not to settle for The video above: those spectacular kinematics are with the engine of the game, clearly, and it seems that the reasons are left over to point only PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s. Go to know if the 60 frames per second correspond to a performance mode in new generation consoles or the computers version, but at the moment I remain with the great designs of the Arkham universe and fabulous facial animations – they remember, the same come in Part of there, to the good work that Netherreealm Studios – of neck up – with the latest injustice.

New information, I already say, little. The description on YouTube fits twice in a tweet («Welcome to Task Force X. Your mission? Mata to the Justice League») and the official website of the game is still under minimum.

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Here and now, then, we can only cross the fingers and hope that in the next trailer continue to put 2022 .