Blood In Blood Out: Bound By Honor (en español, Sangre por sangre: Obligado por el honor) es una película de 1993 dirigida por Taylor Hackford. Cuenta las vidas de tres muchachos chicanos: Miklo (Damian Chapa), Cruz (Jesse Borrego) y Paco (Benjamin Bratt), de 1972 a 1984.[4]​ Blood In, Blood Out se filmó en 1991 en las áreas de habla hispana de Los Ángeles y dentro de la prisión estatal de San Quintín, en California.[cita requerida]

The main currency in Back 4 Blood are supply points . While there are coins within each game, those serve to buy improvements or expand the equipment between each act. The supply points are given at the end, as a prize .

If you play solo (with three bots) you will not receive anything, while the amount of online points will vary according to the choice difficulty: half of recruit points, normal veteran figure and 50% extra in nightmare. And you are interested in getting supply points for unlock everything from the supply chains …

The reason is that in such chains (accessible from the area of ​​the camp to the bottom or from the menu) unlock additional letters that will come from pearls, apart from aesthetic elements such as emblems, standards or graffiti.

And the fastest method to swell to supply points you have it to the end of the first act , as noah Kesterson shows us. It does not matter what you choose, that the important thing is to have the KARLEE Exterminator at the team by counting as a 50% extra speed for the group s actions.

After what you buy for Karlee before starting the game is the least (do not neglect the analgesics or the kit, apart from firearms and distance to contain the undead), that the essential will be to complete that short section what Faster as possible. Because in a couple of minutes it can be done. And then to repeat it, since you will come up with high probability more people doing this mission to go down. And even in recruit they give you many points .

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